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What is IU's policy concerning mass mailing via email?

University Information Policy Office (UIPO) at Indiana University distinguishes between mass mailings for administrative purposes and those for interpersonal communication. Administrative mass mailings are regulated, but as a vehicle for the free expression and exchange of ideas, personal conversations are not. However, UIPO also expects nonadministrative use of email to be conducted between individuals and small groups. For further details, see the Bloomington Faculty Council's Mass Email Procedures and Restrictions.

Regardless of the purpose, if you are considering mass mailing, be sensitive to the fact that IU community members may not wish to receive unsolicited email that has nothing to do with their duties or mission at IU. The volume of spam is such that there simply isn't time to deal with unnecessary email from IU senders as well. Thus, you should find targeted methods to reach those who have a particular need to receive your communications (e.g., IU List mailing lists, requests for information from your web site), rather than using mass methods that may reach people who have nothing to do with your office or have no interest in your service.

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