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Indiana University

At IU, how can I publish on the web?

You have three options for publishing on Indiana University's web space:

  • Create an individual home page. Students, faculty, and staff at all IU campuses are eligible for accounts on Mercury, which serves individual web pages on Pages (pages.iu.edu). For more, see At IU, what is Pages, and how can I publish a web page there?

    Additionally, members of the Southeast (New Albany) campus can publish personal web pages on their campus server. For information about personal pages at this campus, see Web & Application Development.

  • Create a departmental or organizational home page. Any university-affiliated department, group, or organization may request an account on the university web server for the purpose of publishing information about the services they offer to the IU community. Students wishing to use these servers to publish university-related material may request an account if they have a faculty sponsor. For more, see At IU, who can have an account on Webserve, and how do I get one? or visit the IU Webmaster home page.

  • Create a page on another server and request that the page be linked on the IU web space. Some departments, organizations, or individuals may choose to run their own web servers. To request that web pages on non-UITS web servers be linked to from the main IU pages, use the IU comment form. To request that your page be linked to from the IUB pages, fill out the Request Form.