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Indiana University

What is HPSS?

High Performance Storage System (HPSS) allows hierarchical storage of computer information (data assets) on multiple storage media. HPSS software is not owned by any one company, but was developed through a partnership between US government labs and the IBM Corporation. Indiana University belongs to the HPSS consortium and participates in both the consortium's executive board and its technical committee. IU's Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) runs HPSS software.

HPSS migrates stored information, based on given user-defined parameters, from high-cost to low-cost storage media (e.g., from high-speed disk to low-cost tapes). It also allows very high-speed parallel data transfers between clients and servers, and can be scaled to hold multiple petabytes of information. For more, see IBM's HPSS web page.

For information about HPSS at IU, visit the SDA page.