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What is IUware?

IUware is a software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. IUware offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and others. Software packages include programs for reading email and web browsing, as well as antivirus and office applications. The university pays for the relevant licenses through agreements with vendors; this allows students, faculty, and staff to use the programs available through IUware free of charge. The IUware server is regularly updated, so patches and upgrades for IU-supported software are consistently available.

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IUware allows you to download, install, or, in some cases, execute IUware software. To download programs from IUware, you need a valid IU username and passphrase and a compatible web browser.

Note: If you connect to IUware using a modem connection, you will be restricted in the software that you can download due to the lower bandwidth available over modem lines.

More information

  • You do not technically own IUware software loaded onto your computer; however, as long as you are a student, faculty member, or staff member at IU, you are entitled to use the software, subject to the terms and conditions specified by IU and the publishers of the software. If you leave IU, you must remove any IUware software that you have installed on your computer, though students may retain software made available through the IU-Microsoft agreement.

  • If you download Microsoft software from IUware, there is no expiration date.

Getting help

For help, contact your campus Support Center.