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Indiana University

At IU, what are the STCs (computing labs)?

At Indiana University, "STC" refers to a Student Technology Center (computing lab). These facilities are intended to provide students with a uniform computing experience and a common software selection across each IU campus. Services now include most IU campuses, so that all IU students have easy access to the full range of enterprise-sponsored software titles.

The STCs offer a variety of settings including classrooms, individual study areas, and collaborative spaces for group work, with ample access to both Wi-Fi and power for those who prefer to bring their own devices. All STCs are equipped with either Windows or Macintosh workstations, and many offer thin-client access to IUanyWare applications as well as easy access to a wide variety of services, including large-format printing and high-performance multimedia services.

Additional software is deployed on a campus-by-campus or site-by-site basis, determined by the needs of each campus and their various academic departments. These existing software lists closely match what is available on each UITS-managed campus.

For information on software currently available in the STCs on various campuses, see Software Published to STC - Windows and Software Published to STC - Mac.

For information about STCs/computing labs on each campus, see:

For help, contact your campus Support Center.