Indiana University

Carry-in Consulting (IUB)

Carry-in Consulting is a fee-based service that the UITS Support Center provides to students, faculty, staff, and affiliates of Indiana University Bloomington. Carry-in Consulting handles software and operating system (OS) problems only, not hardware.

If you have hardware problems (e.g., a bad wireless card or a damaged CD-ROM drive), contact the manufacturer or a local computer repair store.

Carry-in Consulting provides the following services:

  • OS installation: $75

    Initial charge includes the complete installation of an operating system and requested software, data backup up to 15 GB is included. Any additional data backup beyond 15 GB is considered a separate service with a fee of $35 for up to 100 GB of data.

    Note: Installation of Boot Camp (i.e., installing Windows on a Mac computer) is considered an OS installation, and as such is available under this service.

    As part of this service, if your network access has been disabled due to a University Information Policy Office (UIPO) block, Carry-in Consulting can re-enable your DHCP access after performing the rebuild and completing all steps required by UIPO.

    Note: You will need to provide your own OS installation disks. You can purchase these from IU; see At the Support Center walk-in location in the Wells Library at IUB, what products and services are available for purchase? You can purchase Mac OS X from the IU Bookstores.

  • Data backup: $35

    Up to 100 GB of data is included per $35 charge. Data backups exceeding 100 GB are treated as multiple requests of the same service, and will be charged an additional $35 for every additional 100 GB or portion thereof.

    Data may be burned to a CD/DVD, transferred to an external drive provided by the customer, or stored on the Support Center storage servers for a period not exceeding 30 days.

  • Other software services: starting at $35

    Services that do not fall under the above categories are subject to a minimum charge of $35. This fee includes up to five items; additional services may be requested for $5 per item. Examples of these services include administrator password resets (see Setting and resetting a Windows administrator password), software/driver installation, and network/security setup.

All work is performed at the Support Center walk-in office in the Herman B Wells Library. Service fees are due in full upon completion of service; for payment methods, see What payment methods does the IUB Support Center walk-in location in the Wells Library accept?

Note: Walk-in services and staffed labs in the Wells Library will have reduced hours and may relocate due to construction during summer and fall 2014. Signage indicating changes will be posted in the library whenever possible. Chat, email, and phone services will remain available. For holiday closures, the Wells Library walk-in services and staffed labs follow the library schedule. (To see the full semester schedule, click View all Library Hours on the right side of the page.)

Note: You must bring your computer to the Support Center office; pick-up service is not available. For laptops, the power cord is required at check-in for all services. The service is first-come, first-served with an average turnaround time of two business days. During heavy volume periods (e.g., virus outbreaks, move-in week, and the first two weeks of the fall semester), the average turnaround time is three or more business days.

If you have additional questions, contact IUB Carry-in Consulting at 812-856-3190.