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ARCHIVED: Printing allotments at IUB

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About the printing allotment

The UITS printing allotment allows you to print in Student Technology Centers (STCs) and Residential Technology Centers (RTCs) if you have a UITS printing account. Allotments vary according to university status:

  • Undergraduate students: 650 pages per semester

  • Graduate and professional students: 1,000 pages per semester

  • Student organizations: 400 pages per semester

  • Faculty: 200 pages per semester

Students and faculty automatically receive these allotments each semester. These allotments are designed so 85% of students will not incur any additional printing expenses. Student organizations must have a faculty or staff sponsor to be eligible for a printing allotment. Sponsors may request allotments for their student organizations by writing to  stcprint@indiana.edu .

Anyone with a username granting authorized access to computing facilities at Indiana University Bloomington (e.g., staff) may purchase a supplemental allotment.

Checking your printing allotment

Each page of your allotment counts toward one single page of printing. Duplex printing will not save your allotment, though it will save paper.

Note: Check your printing allotment regularly at IU Print.

Exceeding your print allotment

  • Undergraduate, graduate and professional students: If you exceed your print allotment, you will be charged four cents ($0.04) per page. At the end of each semester, student printing totals are tabulated and over quota printing fees are added to your bursar bill.

  • Student organizations: Neither student organizations nor their sponsors can be billed through the bursar; therefore, a supplemental allotment must be purchased on behalf of the organization before you can resume printing.

  • Faculty: Faculty cannot be billed through the bursar; therefore, if you are faculty, you must purchase a supplemental allotment before you can resume printing.

Supplemental allotments

Any student, faculty or staff member, or department can purchase supplemental allotments in increments of $4. This buys 100 pages of black and white printing or, depending on the print method, a number of pages of color printing. To buy a supplemental allotment, visit the UITS Support Center walk-in location in the Information Commons (IC).

For more about walk-in support, see How do I contact the Support Center at each IU campus for help?

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students: Students printing over quota may avoid over quota printing fees by purchasing a supplemental allotment from the UITS Support Center walk-in location in the IC. The unused portion of your supplemental allotment rolls over into the next semester.

  • Faculty: Faculty at IUB are also granted a modest 200-page allotment each semester in order to meet their instructional needs. Faculty must purchase a supplemental allotment to continue to print beyond the initial allotment. Faculty wishing to purchase a supplemental allotment may visit the UITS Support Center walk-in location or, if they will be using a departmental account number, may contact  stcprint@indiana.edu  and enter "I need to purchase a Supplemental Allotment" in the subject line to make arrangements.

  • Departments: Departments wishing to arrange for a supplemental allotment for their students, faculty, or staff may contact STC Printing Services at  stcprint@indiana.edu . Please provide a departmental account number, the username of the individual, and the size of the supplement.

  • Others: Supplemental allotments for printing at IUB are available to all IU-affiliated users with valid Network IDs.

For more information about non-standard printing allotments, see:


For more about the Student Technology Centers, including site locations, hours, printing practices, and available software and hardware, see IUB STCs and IUPUI STCs.