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In IUB and IUPUI campus housing, may I connect multiple computers to the campus network?

In Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI campus housing, there is generally one data jack per resident. If you need to connect more than one computer to a single data jack, you will need to provide your own hub. The hub and its configuration must not violate any UITS policies, including Extending the University Data Network (IT-19).

You will also need to register the additional computers with the DHCP server. Run Get Connected; see At IU, what is Get Connected, and how do I use it? Alternatively, see How do I register my computer or networked device on the IU network?

Technology Center Consulting (TCC) staff are unable to provide either a switch or cables to connect your multiple computers. You can obtain these items from a local computer store. TCC consultants will help you configure the hub if necessary.

The IU Secure wireless network is available in most IU Bloomington and IUPUI campus residences. You may operate a properly configured, FCC-approved wireless access point (WAP) as an exception to the Extending the University Data Network (IT-19) and Wireless Networking (IT-20) policies from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) only if your residence is listed at Wireless Networking: Temporary Exception 2 (ITE20-02). Once IU Secure is available in your residence, this exception will no longer apply and you will need to remove your WAP from the network.