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Indiana University

At IU, how can I apply for an account on the SDA or RFS?

Note: To keep pace with the growing needs of Indiana University researchers, Research File System (RFS) storage will be migrating in the near future from OpenAFS to a new technology from DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN), based on the General Parallel File System (GPFS). For more, see Information about upcoming changes to the Research File System at IU.

To request an account on the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) or Research File System (RFS), use the Account Management Service (AMS):

After submitting your account request, UITS will notify you via email when your account is ready for use.

For eligibility requirements, see the "Research system accounts (all campuses)" section in What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom?

Note: If an account that you want does not appear to be available, contact your campus computing Support Center. Sometimes, accounts for which you are eligible may not appear in the Account Management Service; in those cases, the Support Center can create those manually for you.

For more information about distributed storage services at Indiana University, visit the Pervasive Technology Institute's Research Storage page.