Indiana University

Finding contact information at IUB or IUPUI

Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI offer several directory services for faculty, staff, and students. Keep in mind that individuals may choose to have their information unlisted.

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IU Address Book

The Indiana University Address Book is an online database of phone numbers and campus addresses searchable by first name, last name, campus, or Network ID. The database is populated with information from many IU agencies, including the Office of the Registrar, Human Resources Administration, and the Dean of Faculties.

University Faculty/Staff Directory

For faculty, staff, and departmental contact information for all IU campuses, search the Faculty/Staff Directory. The directory (including campus overviews, departmental listings, and calling codes) contains interactive features such as self-updates that are live within 24 hours, campus maps with building details, links to Knowledge Base calling instructions, and printing and PDF export options.

Contact Center

  • IUB: The IUB Campus Operator is available at 812-855-4848 (812-855-IUIU; 5-4848 from on campus).
  • IUPUI: The IUPUI Campus Operator is available at 317-274-5555 (4-5555 from on campus).

UITS staff list

The UITS staff list is maintained by UITS Human Resources, while the underlying database itself is managed by Infrastructure Measurement and Monitoring. If you notice an error, you can use the Comments link at the bottom of the page to report it.

  • The public view of the UITS staff list is available by clicking Staff list on the lower right of the UITS home page. Access it directly at:
  • An internal view of the staff list, including location information, is available from the UITS Intranet, under "Directories". Bookmark the page for future direct access (requires CAS authentication).