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Indiana University

Finding email addresses

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Finding email addresses for people at IU

The Indiana University Address Book is an online database of phone numbers and campus addresses searchable by first name, last name, campus, or Network ID. The database is populated with information from many IU agencies, including the Office of the Registrar, Human Resources Administration, and the Dean of Faculties.

You can also access the Address Book via One.IU.

For more, see What is the IU Address Book?

If you have an Exchange account at IU, you can use the Global Address List (GAL), a directory service within the Exchange email system.

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Finding email addresses for campus organizations at IUB

While no single list exists for email addresses for campus organizations at IU Bloomington, the following are good sources:

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Finding email addresses for people not at IU

It is usually easier and less time-consuming to call or write your friends or colleagues to find out their email addresses than it is to use any of the online searching utilities. No single, universal listing of all email addresses exists. Furthermore, many universities and other organizations with email do not provide online username and address information.

However, some search engines can help you locate an email address. See the Dmoz list of email directories.

Finding Someone's Email Address has general information as well as a section about finding addresses for people affiliated with colleges and universities.

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Finding email addresses for elected officials

For links to contact information for US federal and state elected officials, see Contact Elected Officials.

Note: It is considered a serious crime to send threats to the White House, and the Secret Service monitors incoming email. Do not send obnoxious or threatening messages, even as a joke.

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Country codes used in email addresses

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) maintains a list of country codes in ISO Document 3166.

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