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Note: Pages replaced the Mypage service on January 1, 2014. Pages is limited to professional, research, instructional, and academic needs. The content in an account on Pages must be related to the individual's, department's, or student group's role within the university (for example, a faculty or staff member's professional, research, or academic information, or a student's academic tasks). Specifically, these accounts are no longer to be used for content such as hobbies, family information, and favorite entertainment links. All account owners are being contacted about this change.


Two main types of web pages exist at Indiana University:

Individual web pages: Pages is for an individual's professional, research, instructional, or academic web content and uses the URL You should not use Pages to share hobbies, family information, and favorite entertainment links or other purely personal content.

University web pages: Webserve is for official IU business related to your organizational unit, approved professional organization, or registered student group. Webserve uses the URLs,,,,,, and Accounts on Webserve have access to subservices and utilities not available through Pages.

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