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Accounts and Passphrases

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Eligibility Who may have accounts, sponsored accounts, accounts for retired faculty and staff, who is eligible for Guest accounts, temporary network access
Logging in at IU Network ID, usernames, Guest accounts, ADS, CAS
Your responsibilities as a computer user at IU What you can and can't do with your computing accounts

Common tasks and troubleshooting

Accounts Creating your first accounts, seeing what accounts you have, getting more accounts
Account termination When you leave IU, extensions, keeping an IU email address after you graduate
IU Address Book When your listing will appear, how to change your information
Passphrases Passwords and passphrases, forgotten passphrase, set or synchronize your passphrase, choosing a secure passphrase
Storage space Storage space, request an increase

Types of accounts

In addition to the accounts listed below, your school or department may offer student, faculty, or staff accounts on its servers. Check with your school or departmental technology office for more information.

Email Imail, Umail, Cyrus/Webmail, Exchange/Outlook/Outlook Web App
File storage Long-term and temporary storage options
Instructional database Oracle, Mentor, ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server
Logging in at IU Network ID, usernames, Guest accounts, ADS, CAS
Printing at IUB Eligibility, get a printing account, printing allotments
Printing at IUPUI Information for undergraduate and graduate students
Research systems Big Red II, Quarry, Mason, Research Database Complex
Web space Personal pages, group and departmental pages