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New to technology at IU?

Are you new to the information technology environment at Indiana University? Here you'll find "getting started" info for students, faculty, and staff. See also the Top 10 technology tips for IU students.

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First things: Your IU computing accounts

Creating your first computing accounts - new students
As a student, you can create your accounts yourself once you've been admitted to the university.

Creating your first computing accounts - new faculty and staff
As a faculty or staff member, you can generate your accounts yourself after your paperwork has been processed by IU Human Resources. Please note that you will normally need to wait to create your accounts until the morning after your employment record is entered into the university's human resources data system.

Your email address at IU
Sort out your options for email at IU, based on your campus and status with the university.

Mobile devices
Configure your mobile devices to access IU resources.

Although specifics differ based on your status with the university, as an IU student or faculty/staff member, you are eligible for a full suite of IU computing accounts (e.g., email, file storage, research, departmental).

Forget your passphrase or password? Want to change it?

Enrolling in Self-Service Passphrase Reset
Sign up with this self-service system, and then you can reset your passphrase online.

For more about accounts and email at IU, see Accounts and Passphrases and Email.

Hardware and software

About software and hardware at IU
IU students, faculty, and staff can purchase hardware and peripherals at special prices, including deals from Apple, Dell, and Sony.

Chose IUanyWare to stream applications to your device, or IUware to download applications to your computer.

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Connecting in campus housing/from home and office/wirelessly

Get connected
Connect your personal computer to the IU network from campus housing.

Connect a computer or mobile device to a wireless network.

If you connect through an outside ISP, VPN makes your connection more secure.

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File sharing

Peer-to-peer (P2P) File Sharing & Copyright Safety
Learn about how to protect yourself from problems with copyright infringement.

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Finding your class schedule and course information, registration, course listings

About using One.IU, the "OneStart restart"
Use One.IU to check your personal information, view course listings, and register for classes.

Oncourse is a web-based instructional environment where faculty and students can publish and access course information, and store files. See Getting started with Oncourse.

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Getting help from the Support Center

Can't find what you need? Need assistance with a computing question? Contact your campus Support Center.

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Note: Although original OneStart will be available until spring 2015, you can now use the new One.IU, with simple search and app store features. See About using One.IU, the "OneStart restart".

IU's web-based application portal.

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Printing in facilities on campus.

Printing in campus housing using Windows
Setting up your Windows computer to print to one of the residence hall printers.
Printing in campus housing using a Mac
Setting up your Mac to print to one of the residence hall printers.

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Responsible use of computing resources at IU

Your responsibilities as a computer user at IU
As an IU computing account holder, you're responsible for using IU's computing resources appropriately.

Computing policies at IU
IU publishes policies covering account use, computing system use, email, Student Technology Centers and Residential Technology Centers, and more.

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Secure computing

Best practices for securing your computer, accounts, and data
Learn more about best practices for computer security.

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Student orientation information

Office of First Year Experience Programs (IUB)
University College Orientation (IUPUI)

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Student Technology Centers

Labs, Classrooms, and Instructional Resources
Student Technology Centers: Locations, hours, equipment and software, reservations.

Classroom media
Reserving rooms and equipment.

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Telephone and cable TV service

Telephone service and equipment in campus housing and offices.

Personal long distance calls
Residential long distance service available through a partnership with MobileSphere.

Cable TV service at IUB and IUPUI
Cable TV service, part of your housing contract.

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Training: Available classes

Training and Workshops
Workshops, online training, certifications.

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