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What personal productivity software does UITS license and make available for use by students, faculty, and staff?

At IU, UITS licenses several personal productivity packages available for use on a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux). Each package has a slightly different license, and it is important that you examine the license before choosing a package.

Many personal productivity software packages at IU are licensed as part of various agreements between the university and software vendors. These license agreements allow IU to distribute these products at a discounted rate or free of charge to current students, faculty, staff, and departments. In some cases, these agreements are applicable only while you are affiliated with IU, and dictate that you must remove the software if your affiliation discontinues.

Many of these products can be purchased at campus bookstores or downloaded from IUware. For more, see At IU, how can I access university-distributed software?

The table below outlines commercial personal productivity software packages available from IU:

Product Windows Mac Solaris Linux Download CD/DVD
Office 2013 X       X X
Office 2011   X     X  
Office 2010 X       X X
StarOffice 7* X   X X X  

Unless noted otherwise, you can obtain all software available for download from IUware.

* StarOffice 8 is available from UITS. (You must be on the IU network to access this site.)