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ARCHIVED: At IUB, what multimedia tools are available in the Learning Commons?

In the Learning Commons, multiple tools are available for the creation, recording, editing, and transfer of multimedia.

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You can record and edit audio for stand-alone use or for inclusion in other multimedia projects. Computers in the Learning Commons that will burn CDs have a silver ring around the power button.

  • Editing:
    • Audacity (Windows/Mac)
  • Export:
    • ImgBurn CD/DVD Burning software (Windows)
    • Record to CD
    • Save files in a variety of file formats
  • Import:
    • Audio cassette, using Sony tape deck
    • CD
    • Microphone

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You can import both digital and printed photographs, edit them for slideshows, presentations, or Internet-ready or print-ready formats, and make color prints or export photograph files to CD or DVD formats.

  • Import:
    • Direct camera connection
    • Removable media:
      • CompactFlash
      • IBM Microdrive
      • Memory Stick
      • Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard
      • SmartMedia
    • Scanning:
      • Canon CanoScan 5600F
      • HP ScanJet 5590 with Document Feeder
  • Editing:
    • Adobe Photoshop CS (Windows/Mac)
    • iPhoto (Mac)
  • Export:
    • Print in color in sizes up to 36"x108":
      • BusinessColor (LaserJet), 8.5"x11"
      • GraphicsColor (DesignJet), 13"x19"
      • Plotter, Plotter2 (glossy finish, matte available upon request), 36" wide
    • Save files in a variety of file formats
    • Save photograph files to CD or DVD

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Text scanning and OCR

You can scan printed texts, use OCR (optical character recognition) to convert the scanned image to text, and save and edit the text in a variety of formats.

  • Import:
    • Canon CanoScan 5600F (single pages)
    • HP ScanJet 5590 with Document Feeder (multiple pages)
  • OCR and export:
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro (Windows/Mac)
    • Save files in a variety of file formats, including plain text, HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word

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You can make movies or other video from a wide variety of video and audio sources, create and edit video projects using either consumer- or professional-level software, and save finished products to a variety of digital media.

  • Editing:
    • Consumer editing software: Windows Movie Maker (Windows), iMovie (Mac)
    • Professional editing software: Adobe Premiere (Windows/Mac), Final Cut Pro (Mac)
    • Visual effect software: Adobe AfterEffects (Windows/Mac)
  • Export:
    • Record to DVD, using iDVD or DVD Studio Pro (Mac), and Toast Titanium 9 (Mac)
    • Save files in a variety of file formats, including streaming media formats for use on the Internet
  • Import:
    • Digital camera, via a direct connection
    • Removable media, including USB 2.0 and FireWire hard drives

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