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About printing allotments at IUB

At Indiana University Bloomington, black-and-white printing is funded through the Student Technology Fee, enabling more than 85% of students to print with no additional charges.

Sheets of paper printed in duplex (on both sides) count as two pages. Blank and filler pages printed will deduct from an individual's print quota. For more, see At IUB, why do I have a charge for printing on my bursar bill?

You can verify your printing account is active and check your current printing allotment at Print Links.

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Standard printing allotments

All registered students, student organizations, and faculty receive a standard printing allotment as follows:

  Undergraduates: 650 pages per semester (rollover available)
  Graduate students: 1,000 pages per semester (rollover available)
  Student organizations: 400 pages per semester (with faculty sponsorship)
  Faculty: 200 pages per semester (for instructional purposes)

Student organizations must be registered with the Student Activities Office and have a group username. To obtain an account, faculty or staff sponsors of student organizations should go to Account Management Service (AMS). Click Manage my IU computing accounts, manage group accounts, and then request new group username.

Once a student organization has a UITS account, faculty or staff sponsors can apply for the allotment by contacting UITS Leveraged Services.

Printing balances are tabulated immediately after finals every semester. Printing between semesters counts against the upcoming semester.

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Bonus pages

Graduate students working on their dissertations and students employed as associate instructors (AIs) are eligible for an additional printing bonus.

Graduate students associated with a research project not supported by funds from their faculty advisor or department may also be eligible for an additional bonus. Faculty sponsorship is required.

Students, faculty, and staff living in campus housing are also eligible for bonus pages. Other departments may offer bonus pages through an STC partnership.

  Dissertation bonus:
(one time only)
500 pages (upon faculty request)
  AI bonus:
(semester employed)
500 pages (automatic, by fourth week)
  Research bonus:
500 pages (upon faculty request)
  Residential bonus:
(semester in residence)
100 pages (automatic, by fourth week)

To get your dissertation bonus, your faculty advisor must email UITS Leveraged Services.

Your AI or residential bonus should be granted no later than the following:

  • For fall: October 1
  • For spring: February 1
  • For summer: June 1

If you have not received your bonus by these dates, email UITS Leveraged Services.

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If you are a student, after the end of each fall and spring semester, you will automatically receive a rollover of up to 300 pages of unused allotment from the semester just ended into the upcoming semester.

Note: A rollover of unprinted pages from the spring or summer semesters is not available for the fall semester.

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Color printing

Color printing is available at competitive rates; for prices and locations, see Color printing and graphics printers and plotters in the IUB STCs and RTCs Charges are billed through your bursar account at the end of each semester.

Note: Any page printed from a color print device will be charged the color rate, even if the output is a black-and-white page.

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Supplemental printing allotments

Supplemental printing allotments are available to anyone with a valid IUB username. Supplemental allotments are a good solution when:

  • Your printing needs are unpredictable and you want pay-as-you-go flexibility.
  • Your department wishes to compensate students and/or employees for work-related printing.
  • Your department is organizing a conference or workshop using the STCs or Residential Technology Centers (RTCs) and paying the Conference Technology Fee, and wishes to provide printing allotments for program participants.

Purchasing supplemental printing allotments

Supplemental allotments are available in $4 (per 100 pages) increments for black-and-white pages, or $1 increments for color printing. Unused balances will be carried over into upcoming semesters.

Departments wishing to arrange for supplemental allotments for their students, faculty, or staff can contact UITS Leveraged Services. To avoid delays, provide a departmental account number, the username of the individual, and the size of the supplement.

Departments wishing to provide supplemental allotments for conference or workshops should make those arrangements when the Conference Technology Fee is paid; see About conference use of the STCs, or contact UITS Leveraged Services.

Note: Sponsors must keep records of all Conference account users. In the case of a security or policy violation, the sponsor must be able to supply identity and contact information for the user of the offending account at the time of the incident, and must assist in problem resolution.

Individuals can purchase supplemental allotments for themselves at the UITS Support Center in the Information Commons (IC).

Individuals can purchase supplemental printing using a departmental account at the UITS Support Center in the IC. If a departmental account number is not available at the time of purchase, the following options are available for reimbursement:

  • An individual can pay in advance and take the register receipt from the purchase to the department. The department will then need to directly contact UITS Leveraged Services before the semester ends.
  • An individual with available quota can use Print Links to print and then show the account's printed jobs to the department. The department can then make a request for a departmental charge by contacting UITS Leveraged Services before the semester ends.

Note: When student employees use their print quota to print on behalf of a department, it is important to authorize a departmental charge before the semester ends. Advantages of this approach include:

  • The individual's bursar account does not get billed for these charges because they are paid directly by the department before the semester ends.
  • The department does not need to generate a check to reimburse the individual.
  • To confirm the charges on the student's behalf, STC Printing Services only needs the student's IU Network ID username or University ID (UID).

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Credit for damaged or unprinted output is available upon request at IUB STC locations. See the consultant as soon as possible after your loss. If a consultant is not on site, call 812-855-3802 for assistance. Refunds should be handled immediately, and cannot be issued after the semester ends.

The TCS group can offer refunds for pages that are unacceptable due to printer or system error, system failure, or poor print quality, for example:

  • Unacceptable output due to low toner
  • Smudges on your printouts
  • Wrinkles in your pages
  • Incomplete print jobs due to system-generated errors or jobs cancelled at the printer

The TCS group cannot offer refunds for mistakes or output you did not expect, for example:

  • Color mismatching
  • Improper formatting
  • Print jobs taken by other people before you retrieve them from the printer
  • Jobs printed accidently or with too many pages
  • Multiple copies printed by mistake

Note: If a refund is issued, the TCS consultant must retain the unacceptable pages whenever possible.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the printing allotment start and end dates?

The current semester allotment will expire at midnight on the evening of the last day of the current term, as published in the Official Calendar of the Office of the Registrar for IU, Bloomington.

Why does the semester allotment begin before classes start?

All IUB departments recognize the Registrar's date for the official end of the term. However, many departments give their students assignments before the official start of classes. An early allotment start date thus avoids unnecessarily inconveniencing those students in departments with unique class schedules.

How can I avoid printing over my allotment?

To reduce your dependence on printing, conserve paper, and avoid waste, see About duplex printing in the IUB and IUPUI STCs.

What happens if I go over my allotment?

At the end of each semester, if you have exceeded your allotment, you will be assessed a printing fee of $0.04 for each page by which you exceeded your allotment. There is no surcharge for this occurring. The charge represents the incremental cost of your excess printing, and will be automatically added to your bursar account if available.

When does my printing account expire?

Your printing account at IUB does not expire unless you are no longer enrolled in classes; that is, it remains active just as your other accounts do.

As a guest, how can I print at the Herman B Wells library?

Supplemental print allotments can be added to Library Guest Accounts (those starting with "libg" and ending with a three-digit number) and to Conference accounts (starting with a "c" and ending with a number), as well as to any ADS account found in AMS; however, note the following:

  • At the time the printing account expires, any unused printing allotment will be forfeit.
  • Print quota may not be transferred from one account to another.
  • Color printing and plotting is not available to library patron accounts.

Note: Network Access accounts (or any accounts using IU Guest wireless) have no access to printing.

If you have further questions or comments regarding STC Printing Services, email UITS Leveraged Services.

For more about the UITS Student Technology Centers, including site locations, hours, printing practices, and available software and hardware, see:

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