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Rates and costs of UITS services

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Rates for direct-bill services

FY 14-15 FY 14-15 rates FY 14-15 rates
FY 13-14 FY 13-14 rates FY 13-14 rates
FY 12-13 FY 12-13 rates FY 12-13 rates
FY 11-12 FY 11-12 rates FY 11-12 rates
FY 10-11 FY 10-11 rates FY 10-11 rates
FY 09-10 FY 09-10 rates FY 09-10 rates
FY 08-09 FY 08-09 rates FY 08-09 rates
FY 07-08 FY 07-08 rates FY 07-08 rates

Report on costs and quality of services

This report represents a full costing of the listed services and includes the following cost categories:

  • Direct Costs of Providing Services: Costs incurred directly by the divisions providing the services: Salaries, Wages and Benefits; Staff Training and Travel; Staff Hardware and Software Tools; Supplies and Expenses; Hardware Lifecycle Cost (or Depreciation); Hardware Maintenance; Software Licenses; Software Maintenance

  • Organizational Sustaining Services: Same categories of cost as above, incurred by these UITS Organizational Support Offices: Facilities Management; Financial Services; Human Resource Services; Front Desk Services (Receptionist); Vice President
FY 10-11 FY 10-11 costs FY 10-11 costs FY 10-11 costs
FY 09-10 FY 09-10 costs FY 09-10 costs FY 09-10 costs
FY 08-09 FY 08-09 costs FY 08-09 costs FY 08-09 costs
FY 07-08 FY 07-08 costs FY 07-08 costs FY 07-08 costs
FY 06-07 FY 06-07 costs FY 06-07 costs FY 06-07 costs

*Beginning FY 08-09, UA includes all funding sources


  • For information about prior years, see Reports on Cost and Quality of Services.
  • Organizational sustaining service costs are allocated after direct costs have been calculated.
  • The User Satisfaction Ratings come from the Annual UITS User Survey administered for UITS on both the IUB and IUPUI campuses by third parties.
  • For more information about the UITS Report on Cost and Quality of Services, contact Laurie G. Antolovic', Deputy CIO.