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IU's software and license agreement with Esri

UITS has a contractual agreement with Esri, a supplier of GIS software, web GIS, and geodatabase management applications. Through this agreement, Indiana University receives unlimited licenses, software updates, student software, and an ArcGIS Online Indiana University Academic Organization. The site license cost is funded by annual software usage charges to departments and individual users. Some extensions may require an additional annual fee.

This cost sharing allows UITS to acquire resources, spatial data, and utilities that are not part of the site license agreement. A portion of these annual software fees helps to purchase hardware for software testing and to provide training and technical support for users. Users who do not participate in the cost sharing are not eligible for technical support, as GIS Services are not a UITS baseline service, but a charge-back service.

IU's site license with Esri stipulates the following rules:

  • UITS cannot sell software directly to IU students. Only faculty and staff are allowed to purchase Esri software from UITS.

  • Staff can install and use Esri software purchased from UITS only on IU-owned computers, and not on personally owned computers. ArcGIS for Desktop student licenses and evaluation software may be installed on non-IU-owned computers.

  • Faculty can install and use Esri software on both IU-owned and personally owned computers.

  • Staff or faculty who are no longer associated with IU must immediately discontinue use of any Esri software obtained from UITS.

  • All technical support requests to Esri must originate from designated Esri technical support contacts. Esri users at IU cannot start a technical support incident with Esri directly.

  • To view the Site License overview and a list of the software provided, see the Esri Educational Site License Program (PDF).

To obtain the software, see At IU, how do I obtain Esri software? All Esri software is for teaching and research only. This software cannot be used for any profit-making ventures or commercial projects.