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File storage in Oncourse

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The Resources tool in Oncourse allows you to store files in a central location and access them from any computer with an Internet connection. You can access the Resources tool from within Oncourse, or you can use WebDAV to drag and drop files between your computer and Oncourse Resources.

You can also use Box to store and share files. You can access your Indiana University Enterprise Box account by clicking Box at IU in the upper right corner of Oncourse. For more about Box, see the Box at IU help menu.

The rest of this document gives a general overview of your options with the Resources tool. For more specific instructions, see Resources.

Note: Filenames that include certain characters cannot be accepted. For a list of unsupported characters, see Unsupported characters.

Personal Resources (My Workspace)

You can store personal files and folders in Resources on your My Workspace tab. To see your personal files and folders:

  1. Log into Oncourse at:

    If you're unable to log in, see Why am I having trouble logging in?

  2. The My Workspace tab is selected by default. If it is not selected, click My Workspace at the top.

  3. From the menubar, click Resources.

In Resources, you'll see your My Workspace Resources folder, to which you can upload files. For more, see Viewing and opening items in Resources.

Site Resources

Site leaders can store files and folders for academic and collaborative work in Resources, and can control who can view, upload, and move files. To see the files and folders for a particular site to which you belong:

  1. Log into Oncourse at:

    If you're unable to log in, see Why am I having trouble logging in?

  2. At the top, find the appropriate site, and click its tab.

  3. From the menubar, click Resources.

For more, see Viewing and opening items in Resources.

Uploading and downloading multiple items

You can use WebDAV to upload and download multiple items to Resources. With WebDAV, you can browse your Resources folders, and drag and drop items just as you can with items on your local computer.

Note: WebDAV is not available for use with Guest accounts.

For instructions, see:

Help is also available from within Oncourse. From your My Workspace tab or the appropriate site tab, click Resources and then Upload-Download Multiple Resources.


The quota for a course, project, or portfolio site is 4 GB; the quota for My Workspace is 4 GB. You can only upload 200 MB at a time, unless you use WebDAV. To request a larger quota for your site, see What are the default disk quotas for UITS accounts, and how do I request an increase? To check your site quota and usage, in the Resources tool, click Check Quota.

Feature demonstrations

Feature demonstrations include audio; links open new windows.