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At IU, if I have forgotten my Network ID passphrase, how can I reset it?

Important: Use these directions if you have forgotten your Indiana University Network ID passphrase. If you know your passphrase and want to change it, do not use the directions below; instead, see Changing your passphrase

If you have forgotten your passphrase and need to reset it:

  • Students, faculty, staff, and IU affiliates can use Self-Service Passphrase Reset.

    • All eligible users can use Self-Service Passphrase Reset questions.

    • Students only can use Self-Service Passphrase Reset by email.

  • Accounts belonging to groups, departments, or organizations are not eligible to use the Self-Service system, and you will have to request a reset in person, or by mail or fax.

  • IU applicants who have passphrase problems should contact their campus Support Center for assistance.

Note: For security reasons, UITS must be able to verify your identity in order to reset your passphrase. All of the following methods require that you know your 10-digit University ID number; see At IU, what is a University ID, and how do I find out what mine is?

On this page:

Using Self-Service Passphrase Reset

To use Self-Service Passphrase Reset:

  1. Go to one.iu.edu, search for passphrase reset, and click the Passphrase reset icon.

    Under "Do you know your current passphrase?", click No.

  2. Enter your last name, date of birth, and University ID Number in the fields provided. Click Continue.

The next page will show your options for resetting your passphrase.

Using Self-Service Passphrase Reset questions

To use Self-Service Passphrase Reset questions, you must already be enrolled in the system, and your identifying questions and answers must already be configured. Most people will have been automatically enrolled when creating their first IU accounts; otherwise, see At IU, how do I enroll in Self-Service Passphrase Reset or change my questions?

  1. From the passphrase reset options page above, click passphrase questions; on the following page, click Start to begin the reset process.

    Note: Once you click Start, you will have a limited amount of time to successfully complete the reset. If you do not complete it in that time, you will be locked out and unable to resume the process. If this happens, contact your campus Support Center for assistance.

  2. Enter your last name, date of birth, and University ID number in the appropriate fields. Enter the code provided in the last field. Click Continue.

  3. For each question, enter the answer you provided when you enrolled in the system; be careful to spell your responses correctly. Click Continue.

  4. When you have successfully answered the questions, you will be able to choose a new passphrase; follow the guidelines on the page, or see About your IU passphrase. Enter and re-enter your passphrase in the fields provided, and then click Reset Passphrase.

  5. Click Exit.

Using Self-Service Passphrase Reset by email (students only)

If you are a student, you may reset your passphrase by generating a reset code to the alternate email address you provided when applying to the university.

From the passphrase reset options page above, click request a reset code, and follow the on-screen directions.

Resetting your passphrase in person or by mail or fax

For IU groups and organizations, and for individuals not enrolled in Self-Service Passphrase Reset, UITS can reset a passphrase as follows:

  • In person: Take a photo ID to your campus Support Center. You will need to know your University ID number. Once a consultant has confirmed your identity, allow 20 minutes for your passphrase change to be processed.

  • By mail or fax: If you cannot visit the Support Center, you may fill out a Passphrase Change Form; see How can I request a passphrase reset by mail or fax?

All group or departmental accounts must have an owner who is an active faculty or staff member (as reported by HRMS). If the owner leaves the university or through change of HR status becomes ineligible to own an account, the owned account(s) will be removed. To ensure the continuity of group accounts, see About transferring ownership of a group or departmental account.

The account sponsor, or owner, is the only person authorized to reset the group account passphrase, even if there are other people who regularly log into and use the account.