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Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students at IUPUI have a black-and-white print allocation funded through the Student Technology Fee. The allocation for each student is 650 black-and-white pages per semester for the fall and spring semesters, and 650 total for both summer sessions combined.

Note: The cost for color printing is $1 per simplex page (i.e., one side of one sheet of paper); see Color printing at IUPUI Additionally, you will be charged four cents ($0.04) per black-and-white simplex page if you exceed your 650 page allocation.

You can print from your allocation in the following locations:

  • IT 131 (24-hour computer lab)
  • University Library
  • Business/SPEA (BS) 3000
  • Campus Center (Theatre level and second floor near the elevators)
  • Education/Social Work (ES) Consortium (ES 2116, ES 2117, ES 2121, ES 2124, ES 2119)
  • Engineering/Science & Technology
  • Science Building
  • Eskenazi Hall (Herron)
  • Informatics & Communications Technology Complex (ICTC)
  • Nursing School

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Graduate students

IUPUI has a pay-for-printing policy for graduate students. You are charged a uniform printing fee of four cents ($0.04) per simplex page (i.e., one side of one sheet of paper) for each black-and-white page you print. The cost for color printing is $1 per simplex page; see Color printing at IUPUI

Liberal Arts graduate students

Through a partnership with the School of Liberal Arts, graduate students in this school enjoy a printing allotment of 1,000 black-and-white pages per semester for the fall and spring semesters.

At the end of fall semester, up to 500 pages of unused fall allotment will be automatically rolled over into spring. At the end of spring semester, any remaining unused allotment will be rolled over into the combined summer semester.

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How to print

To release your print jobs, swipe your Jagtag at any print release station. For each side of a black-and-white printout, your account will automatically deduct either one page from your allocation or, once you have exceeded your allocation, four cents from your Jagtag account. If you exceed your allocation, you can add money to your Jagtag to cover anticipated printing costs using the Jagtag online deposit form.

As a student, you have an opportunity once per semester to immediately add money to your Jagtag account using the QuikBuck$ link on the Jagtag web site. Your bursar account will be billed for the quick deposit and you can print immediately. Alternatively, you may deposit money (or use QuikBuck$) by visiting any Campus Card Services location. For more about Jagtag services, see Campus Card Services.

You can check your printing allocation at any time by visiting Campus Card Services and clicking MANAGE MY JAGTAG.

Every workstation in IUPUI libraries and labs has icons and links allowing web-based Jagtag deposits.

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Beginning the Sunday after finals for fall semester through mid-February, students may request a rollover of up to 300 pages of unused print allotment. Similarly, from the end of spring semester through June, students may request a rollover of up to 300 pages into summer. Be sure to apply for your rollover before the deadline.

Note: Rollover is not available for fall semester.

To request your rollover, after finals each semester, click MANAGE MY JAGTAG. If you have leftover pages, you will see:

You have xxx excess pages from last semester available to rollover to your current balance. Would you like to roll them over now? Click Here!

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Frequently asked questions

What if my Jagtag doesn't work?

If your Jagtag doesn't work properly, try reswiping the card slowly. The black magnetic strip should be facing the green light on the card reader when you swipe. If swiping left to right doesn't work, try right to left.

Older cards (issued between 1998 and 2000) have a brown magnetic strip, and aren't as dependable as newer cards. If you have an old card that doesn't work, you can exchange it for a new one at the Jagtag office. There is no fee to exchange cards.

If your Jagtag is broken, cracked, or in pieces, take it to the Jagtag office, and staff will reprint a new one for you at no cost.

If you try to use your Jagtag and your billing transaction or access is denied, contact the Jagtag office.

To contact the Jagtag office, email . Enter "printing" as the subject, and include your name and the last seven digits of your Jagtag barcode in the message body. Alternatively, call the Jagtag office at 317-274-5177.

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Can I use my own paper?

Because paper quality varies greatly and not all paper is well suited for use in laser printers, you cannot supply your own paper.

Note: You can print using your own paper on the fourth floor of University Library (to your left as you exit the elevator) on the printer designated for custom paper. However, the only custom paper allowed is standard (8.5" x 11") resume laser jet paper and colored laser jet paper. Use of this printer does not reduce the per page cost of printing.

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What if my output is lost or damaged?

As a general rule, if your print output is lost because of printer error or equipment malfunction, the consultant can process a reprint. In rare instances, you can obtain a print allotment or money refund electronically. See the on-site consultant for assistance.

If a consultant is not available on site to provide help with printing issues, you can speak with a consultant by phone at 317-274-0779, or email UITS Leveraged Services. Include your name, Network ID username, location, and the number of faulty pages.

Note: You are responsible for picking up your printouts once they are released. It's a good idea to stand by the printer and wait for your printouts. Consultants cannot process reprints if someone else picks up (or otherwise cancels) your print job.

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Will an IUB CampusAccess card work at an IUPUI print release station?

The IU Bloomington CampusAccess card does not work with the IUPUI Print Management System. If you are an IUB affiliate, you must have a Jagtag or purchase a University Library Printer-Copier Card.

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If I don't have a Jagtag, how can I print?

If the library is open, you can purchase a University Library Printer-Copier Card at the circulation desk for $2. This card works in all print release stations in the library only, and initially provides $1 worth of printing (25 simplex pages). You can refill this card at any Jagtag station.

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