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In Oncourse, how do I add a page to my site's wiki?

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To add a page to your site's wiki:

  1. In your site's menubar, click Wiki, which will take you to the Home page for your site's wiki.

  2. From the top menu, click Edit.

  3. In the editing field, you'll see the text and formatting notations for the Home page. Determine where you want to place the link to your new page, and then create the link by typing the page name enclosed in square brackets (e.g., [New page] ).

  4. To return to the Home page, click Save. You'll see that your page name has become a link with a question mark (?) after it. The question mark indicates that the page to which the link leads doesn't yet have any content associated with it. Once you add content to the new page, the question mark will disappear.

  5. Click the link for your new page. You'll see a new page that contains the heading "New page" (or "Page does not exist" for sites created before June 2009).

  6. To add content to your new page, from the top menu, click Edit.

  7. In the editing field, you'll see the default text and formatting notations. Delete this text and add your own.

    You'll find several icons and links just above the editing field for formatting text and inserting tables, links, and images; when you click these, Wiki will automatically insert the appropriate notation into the editing field. Use the tabs to change between Edit and Preview modes. To the right of the text box, under "Wiki Tips", you'll see a partial list of the codes used for text formatting. To view the full list, at the bottom of the sidebar, click More Hints on Wiki formatting.

    Note: In sites created before June 2009, the sidebar will be titled "Help Tips" instead; to view the full list, click FULL HELP PAGE near the top of the sidebar.

    You can also consult a table of the Most Common Markup Notation in the Sakai Wiki Tool from the University of Delaware. (Oncourse is Indiana University's implementation of Sakai.)

  8. To save your work when you're finished, click Save. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.

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