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In IU Webmail, how do I use the Whitelist filter rule to avoid having legitimate mail quarantined as spam?

Important: UITS will retire the Cyrus (Webmail) service on February 2, 2015. After this date, the contents of mail accounts on Cyrus will not be recoverable. For more, see About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement and At IU, how do I move my Cyrus (Webmail) account to Exchange?

Note: You can access your Cyrus mail via IU Webmail or by using an email client (such as Outlook or Mac OS X Mail) configured to access imap.iu.edu. Filter rules that you set in Webmail will work whether you read your mail using IU Webmail or an email client.

To configure the Whitelist rule in IU Webmail to always accept mail from specific email addresses:

  1. Log into Webmail.

  2. If you have an email message from the address you wish to add to your whitelist, from the message index, mark the checkbox for the message, and then click Whitelist below the IU Webmail toolbar.

    If you do not have a message:

    1. Click the Filters icon on the IU Webmail toolbar. This will take you to the Filter Rules page with a list of already existing rules.

    2. In the "Rule" column, click Whitelist.

    3. A Whitelist page will appear. In the text box on this page, enter the email addresses, one per line.

    4. Click Save at the bottom of the list.

    5. When the rule has been saved, click Return to Rules List. This will take you back to the page that lists existing rules.

  3. In the Filter Rules section of Webmail, the Whitelist rule should have a green checkmark in the "Enabled" column. If it does not, click the red X that appears in that column. It should change to a green checkmark, and "[ENABLED]" should appear next to Whitelist in the "Rule" column.

Your Whitelist rule is now enabled. Click the Inbox icon to return to your mail.