Indiana University

Enterprise Infrastructure

Dennis J. Cromwell
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure

Sara Chambers
Director, Lifetime Engagement and Web Technical Services

Kirt Guinn
Director, Telecommunication Infrastructure

John Weakley
Director, System Infrastructure

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Enterprise Infrastructure organizational charts:

Enterprise Infrastructure teams

Cable and Wiring Design, construction, and support for physical cable and wiring for all data and voice services
Campus Communications Infrastructure Provides architecting, engineering, and maintenance of IU's enterprise communications platforms
Campus Network Engineering Management of university networks at IUB and IUPUI
Campus Network Operations Campus-wide voice and data network services
Communications Convergence Unified communications consulting and implementation
Database Administration Support for the university's institutional database systems
Data Center Operations Provides continuous availability of centralized information technology systems
Enterprise Lifetime Engagement Enterprise-class communication, engagement, and web presence tools, practices, and capabilities
Enterprise System Administration Technical planning, administration, and support for central server non-mainframe components
Enterprise Web Technical Services Manages enterprise web servers and related services
Identity Management Systems Services related to appropriate identification and authorization of users of IU's technology resources
Production Services Monitors and schedules batch processes for users of business systems applications and platforms on all eight campuses
Storage and Virtualization Computing, storage, and backup services in support of institutional and campus-based systems