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ARCHIVED: Pervasive Technology Institute

The Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI) is dedicated to the development and delivery of innovative information technology to advance research, education, industry, and society. Supported by a $15 million grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., the institute is built upon a spirit of collaboration and brings together researchers and technologists from a range of disciplines and organizations, including the former Pervasive Technology Labs, the School of Informatics, the School of Law, and UITS.

The institute consists of three research centers:

  • The Digital Science Center focuses on creating an intuitively usable cyberinfrastructure with tremendous capabilities for supporting collaboration and computation. Easy-to-use, human-centered interfaces to cyberinfrastructure created by the Digital Science Center will enable researchers in the public and private sectors to use the capabilities of cyberinfrastructure and accelerate innovation and discovery.

  • The Data to Insight Center will create tools and guidelines that allow scientists and companies to harness the vast stores of digital data now being produced, and to turn these data into insight that effectively guides human decisions and advances human knowledge.

  • The Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research works to enhance the security and integrity of information systems, technologies, and content by facilitating research and education informed by, and integrated with, the practice of information assurance.

Pervasive Technology Institute organizational charts:

Contact the Pervasive Technology Institute

For information on economic development, partnerships, tours, and other issues related to the Pervasive Technology Institute, contact:
Therese Miller, Operations Manager
Indiana University Research Park
501 N. Morton Street
Showers Complex, Suite 224
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812-855-4810
Fax: 812-856-1537
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