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ARCHIVED: At IU, how can I obtain and pay for my own BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Redirector account?

Note: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) service will be retired by January 1, 2015; see About the BES retirement. As of January 1, 2013, no new BES accounts are being created. UITS recommends you replace your BlackBerry with a device that is compatible with ActiveSync.

On this page:

About privately paid individual accounts on IU's BES

Indiana University departments usually purchase BES accounts for their employees, but faculty and staff can purchase individual BES accounts if the need arises.

Note: If your department is already being charged for BES accounts, do not sign up for a private account.

At IU, the BES Redirector service is a pre-pay service with no refunds. The one-time activation fee is $45. The service fee of $6 per month will be charged up front, pro-rated based on the remaining months of the fiscal year. (IU's fiscal year runs July-June. For example, if you purchase your BES account in September, you will be charged up front only for the 10 months remaining in the fiscal year.)

Note: The IU BES monthly service fee is separate from any monthly charges from your cellular provider (i.e., to use IU's BES Redirector, you pay service fees to IU and your cellular provider).

Yearly renewal is not automatic. You will have to renew your purchase every July for as long as you want to keep the account. If you don't interrupt your service, you will not need to pay the activation fee again.

How to sign up for an individual account

To sign up for an individual IU BES account, you need:

  • A BlackBerry device

  • A BES data plan from your cellular provider

  • An IU Exchange account (The IU BES Redirector is not available on Cyrus/Webmail accounts, Imail or Umail accounts, or any non-IU Exchange accounts.)

  • An Ethernet, wireless (IU Secure), or VPN (SSL, IPsec) connection to the IU Network.

Use the BES account request form to request an individual account.