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IU's software agreement with Adobe

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About the agreement

Note: For a complete list of Adobe software available through the agreement and how to obtain it, see About Adobe software at IU.

In November 2008, Indiana University entered into an unprecedented Education Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Adobe Systems Inc. to provide Adobe products at no cost to the IU community. As a higher education pilot for Adobe, the enterprise-wide agreement leverages IU's capabilities in software distribution, support, and training, and advances teaching, learning, and research goals noted in IU's IT Strategic Plan, Empowering People.

Adobe products (and previously acquired Macromedia products) are extremely popular within the IU community, and their use spans multiple areas of the institution:

  • Systems development, both enterprise and within schools and departments
  • Creative work, including web content and design, web authoring and development, videography, graphic design, podcasting, 3D animation, and high-impact mobile content
  • Teaching and learning, e.g., integration into the curriculum for engaging digital experiences and for creating interactive web sites
  • Collaboration systems for administration, research, and faculty and student communication
  • Document preparation and presentation for uses throughout and beyond the institution


Students may install the licensed software for their use on a personally owned computer at home, whether home is on or off campus. Faculty and staff may use the products on personally owned computers at home for university-related business. (The maximum number of installations is two for each product.)

Only currently enrolled students may participate in the Adobe ELA. However, students who are enrolled for a future semester (e.g., students registered for the fall semester when currently it is summer) may participate in the Adobe ELA. Students must be admitted to IU and enrolled or registered for a credit-bearing course.

The Adobe ELA does not allow licensing to retired staff.

All institutional systems are licensed to use the products during the term of the ELA.

  • Note: Indiana University students, faculty, staff, and emeriti can install Adobe software downloaded from IUware on up to two personally owned computers, or access Adobe software without installation via IUanyWare. Significant hardware changes to your computer can cause problems with activation; see Activation & deactivation help.

    To deactivate Adobe software so that you can install it on a different computer, see How do I deactivate Adobe software?

  • Note: IU students, faculty, retired faculty, and staff may use the products covered by the Adobe Enterprise License Agreement while affiliated with Indiana University. Upon leaving IU, the license is no longer valid, and you must uninstall all software you obtained at no cost, and also destroy any physical media. UITS encourages you to then purchase your own retail licenses before leaving the university so as to benefit from the academic discount; see At IU, how can I access university-distributed software?