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Indiana University

What is AskIU?

AskIU is a general information question-and-answer service provided by the IU Contact Centers. Send your questions via email to AskIU@iu.edu, by instant message using UniCom/Lync, or via One.IU; answers are sent by email. AskIU is available Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am-6:30pm. It is closed on holidays.

AskIU covers all IU campuses. Please make sure your question indicates which campus you're requesting information about.

Typical questions answered by AskIU:

  • I'm interested in attending your school. How do I get started with an application?

  • How can I request an official transcript for classes taken at IU South Bend?

  • I'm interested in a Bachelor's degree in business. Are there any programs near Madison, Indiana?

  • When can I register for my classes for the Spring term?

  • When is Spring Break?

  • What movies are they showing at the IMU this month?

  • Where can I go to print something on the IUPUI campus?

  • I'm researching your university for a class project. When was the University founded and what else can you tell me about IU's history?

  • What are the Degree Requirements for the Master of Library Science?

  • How do I order season tickets for IU Basketball?

  • I lost my Campus Access Card. How do I get a new one?

  • I am a professor of Pharmacology. How can I apply to join your faculty?