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How do I retain an IU-sponsored email account after graduation?

You can maintain an IU-sponsored email account after you graduate if you do one of the following:

Create a Umail account

Imail and Umail accounts are not disabled when their owners leave IU, so you can continue to use your account after you graduate.

Note: UITS no longer allows the creation of Imail or Cyrus (Webmail) accounts, in anticipation of the retirement of those services. See About the Imail retirement and About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement.

With an Imail or Umail account, your return address will remain  username@imail.iu.edu  or  username@umail.iu.edu  after you graduate. Your campus address (e.g.,  username@indiana.edu ) will remain active only if you set your preferred address to your Imail, Umail, or alumni email account (see below). Forwards to other preferred addresses will result in the deactivation of your campus address. See At IU, how do I choose or change my primary email address and preferred email service?

Create an IU Alumni Association account (members only)

The IU Alumni Association (IUAA) offers a web-based email client from Microsoft for those who are not eligible for an Imail or Umail account. Members of the IUAA have access to a professional email address ( username@alumni.iu.edu ) for resumes, social networking, or to highlight their affiliation with IU. See Alumni Email Account.