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Guidelines for avoiding service interruptions when changing the primary email address for a personal or group computing account at IU

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If you are a student who has moved from one Indiana University campus to another, or a faculty or staff member with duties on multiple campuses, you may need to create (or have already created) a new address (sometimes called an alias) for your Cyrus/Webmail or Exchange account. For example, if your job on the IU Bloomington campus involves working with students on multiple IU campuses, you may have created an  @iu.edu  address in addition to your original  @indiana.edu . If you need to, but haven't already, see How do I create a new IU email address?

After you create your new address (e.g.,  username@iu.edu ), your original email address (e.g.,  username@indiana.edu ) remains active, and messages sent to either address will arrive in your account on your preferred email service (usually Exchange or Cyrus/Webmail). However, the IU Address Book will not display your new email address until you set it as your primary email address in the Account Management System (AMS).

Before using the AMS to set your new IU address as your primary email address, you should take several precautionary steps to avoid potential problems with existing mailing list subscriptions, web site logins, and access to services both inside and outside of IU.

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Before changing the primary IU email address for your personal or group computing account

Note: The following instructions will help you avoid potential problems with IU services, but they cannot anticipate all the outside lists, web sites, and services that might be associated with your old address, nor can they foresee any unusual or complex configurations you might have with IU systems (e.g., if you have already used multiple email domains with any IU services).

Before you begin, investigate and note any atypical configurations you might have used; this will help you as you proceed, and can help the UITS Support Center or other support consultants troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Furthermore, although this information is intended primarily for owners of personal (i.e., individual) computing accounts, if you are the owner of a group (e.g., departmental or student organization) computing account that's changing its primary IU email address, you should check the IU List subscriptions and IP phones associated with that account.

Verify your account's existing email addresses

In most cases, personal email addresses for which you are eligible will be created automatically, based on data from the Office of the Registrar (students), the Office of Academic Affairs (faculty), or IU Human Resources (staff).

If you requested a new email address for your personal or group computing account, verify that the new email address was created successfully:

  1. In the AMS, click Manage my IU computing accounts. Log in with your Network ID credentials if necessary.

    For a group account, use your group account's username and passphrase.

    Note: If you're making changes to a group or departmental account, and you're already logged into a Windows computer joined to the ADS domain with your personal Network ID, your browser may automatically use your personal Network ID credentials, thereby preventing you from logging into CAS with your group account credentials. If you have difficulties with CAS, try opening and using a different browser. Alternatively, you can log into your computer with your group account credentials; press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and click Switch User.

  2. Click view your accounts. Your account's email addresses and the email services to which they are forwarded will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

You will see links in the AMS to manage your email account. Do not change your primary address at this time.

Note: If you have recently created a new email address, verify that it is being forwarded to an email service (e.g., Exchange, Cyrus, Imail, or Umail). If the entry for the address indicates that it is delivered to " @ ", set that account to forward correctly: Click manage your e-mail and then forward your e-mail; under "Forward your IU e-mail:", select the appropriate option below:

  • To select an IU email service, choose Set the delivery for this address to user's UITS mail account on: , and then, from the drop-down menu, select the appropriate email service (e.g., Exchange, Cyrus, Imail, or Umail).

  • To use a non-IU email service, choose Set the delivery for this address to: , and then enter the email address to which you'd like your account's email forwarded.

    Important: Indiana University provides students, faculty, and staff with IU email addresses, which most academic and administrative offices use to send you messages. If you choose to forward this address to a non-IU account (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!), the UITS Support Center will not be able to help you with problems concerning that account. More importantly, if this forwarding fails for any reason, you may miss important official communications sent to your IU address for which you are still responsible.

Create or verify an external password for your IU enterprise Box account

If you have a Box account at IU, create (or verify you have) an external (vendor) password for it; see Creating and using an external password for enterprise Box. Your external password will help you access your Box account should there be any disruption in your sign-on during the address change process. Do not add your new email address at this time.

Verify your account's existing IU List password and subscriptions

Verify the IU List password and subscriptions for your personal or group account by logging into the service. If you do not have an IU List login for your personal or group account, create one; see What is IU List, and how do I use it? If necessary, you can reset the IU List password; see On IU List, how do I change or reset my password?

Remove your IU email profile from your smartphone or handheld device

Some individuals have experienced problems with their smartphones and handheld devices after changing their primary IU addresses in AMS. For best results, remove your IU email profile from your device before changing your primary IU email address, and then, after the change is complete, create a new profile.

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Changing the primary IU email address for your personal or group account

If you have not already done so, create a new IU email address for your personal or group account; see How do I create a new IU email address?

Use the AMS to set your account's new email address as its primary IU email address. For instructions, see At IU, how do I choose or change my primary email address and preferred email service?

Note: After changing your account's primary IU email address in AMS, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the change to propagate to all systems. Clients or systems that rely on your account's email address may behave unreliably during this period. If you have questions or problems, contact your campus Support Center.

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After changing your personal or group account's primary IU email address

Update Oncourse email settings

Change the display email address in your Oncourse profile to reflect your new address. See In Oncourse Profile, how do I update my profile?

To be able to send to Oncourse lists, change your authorized email address; see In Oncourse, how do I change my authorized email address?

Add your new email address to your IU enterprise Box account

If you created an IU Box account with your old email address, you need to:

  1. Wait a few hours after changing your primary IU email address to make sure the change has been updated in the internal systems; if possible, send a test email message to the new primary email address from an outside email service to verify the new primary email address is active.

  2. After you're sure your account's new primary IU email address is active, log into Box, and add your new primary email address to your account settings. This will associate your account's new email address, as well as the old one, with your Box account; for instructions, see How can I add another IU email address to my IU Box account settings?

Update your account's email address on IU List

Log into IU List using the IU List login for your personal or group account, as appropriate, and change your account's address there; see If I change my IU email address, how should I update IU List mailing lists that I subscribe to or sponsor?

Note: If your account is subscribed to any mailing lists that restrict posting to members of the list, you may wish to wait until you are certain your account's new primary IU email address has propagated through the system before changing it in IU List; otherwise, you will not be able to send mail from your account to these mailing lists.

Update email clients

You need to update some email clients (including Outlook 2011 for Mac, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird) with your account's new primary IU email address. While some email clients may continue to function, they will not automatically update your sending address. Outlook 2010 for Windows should automatically update you sending address. Whichever client you use, you may need to edit some existing rules (or create new ones) for handling incoming messages.

Change your account's UniCom sign-in and reset IP phones

If your personal or group account uses IU's UniCom service (sometimes called OCS, and accessed via Lync), you will need to log in using your account's new primary email address.

Note: After changing your account's primary email address, if you encounter problems logging into UniCom, see At IU, how do I connect to UniCom with a Mac? or At IU, how do I connect to UniCom from outside of the ADS domain?

Your account's UniCom contacts will see your account in Lync listed as "Presence Unknown". This will correct itself once they log out and log back into Lync. You may want to enter a note in your UniCom client to alert your contacts of this.

Mac users:

  • In Lync for Mac, your account's previous conversation histories may no longer be available from within the client. Because the Mac clients store conversation histories locally, you can find them on your computer at Documents > Microsoft User Data > Microsoft Lync History.

    Note: For Mac users, UITS recommends Lync for Mac to connect to UniCom at Indiana University. Communicator for Mac and Messenger for Mac are not supported.

Windows users:

  • Lync for Windows saves conversation histories in your Exchange account; previously logged conversations will be accessible from Outlook and OWA in the Conversation History folder.

Certain IP phones will require action:

  • If you have a Polycom CX600 phone, reset it; see How do I reset a Polycom CX600 phone? Note that your phone may not be able to connect until the following day.

  • The Nortel 8540 ("Tanjay" phone) and similar models will log out once they detect that your primary email address has changed. You will need to log in again with your new email address. If you are unable to edit your sign-in information, you will need to reset the phone; see Guide to LG-Nortel 8540 and Polycom CX700 phones.

Update subscriptions to external lists

If your personal or group account is subscribed to any external (non-IU) lists, you may not be able to post to those lists until you have updated them with the appropriate contact information. This process will be different for every external entity, and you will need to determine this process separately for each one. Your account should still be able to receive mail from these lists, but they most likely won't accept posts from your account's new email address until you update the contact information or re-subscribe.

Check JIRA permissions

If you manage issues in IU Enterprise JIRA, your JIRA account permissions may be affected by the email change. If you encounter problems, send email to the JIRA/Confluence mail queue, requesting that your permissions be updated.

Update FootPrints

If you use FootPrints, see What do I need to change in FootPrints if I change my primary email address?

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