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About the block on off-campus remote desktop connections at IU


To protect the Indiana University network from a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) announced March 13, 2012, UITS is blocking incoming remote desktop connections from computers on non-IU networks. The block went into effect Thursday, June 21, 2012. For more, see the related security bulletin and Protect IU blog post.

Note: UITS is not blocking RDP for on-campus users. Making a remote desktop connection from one campus system to another is still allowed, as long as both systems are on the IU network.

Making remote desktop connections after the block

To make remote desktop connections after the block, you can either establish a virtual private network (VPN) connection or use the Remote Desktop application in IUanyWare:

  • Connecting to VPN: Establish a VPN connection if:

    • You are off campus, connecting to a computer on campus. When connecting from off campus, use the recommended SSL VPN, if your campus supports it.

      Note: This requirement is due to the June 2012 RDP block.

    • You are on campus, connecting to your home computer in campus housing. For VPN connections on campus, use IPsec (or PPTP at the regional campuses).

      Note: This has been a long-standing requirement, not affected by the RDP block.

    For instructions, see The basics of VPN at IU.

  • Using IUanyWare: Alternatively, from your web browser, use the Remote Desktop application in IUanyWare, located in the "Utilities" section.

    For instructions, see How do I set up and use IUanyWare on a computer or laptop?