Accounts & passphrases

If you want to be successful at IU, you need the right tools. Your IU network ID and passphrase are the keys to accessing a diverse range of services and resources, including:

IU provides account services to all students, faculty, and staff.

Basic accounts

Are you a student, faculty, or staff member who is new to IU? You now have access to several basic accounts, including: 

  • Umail (email for students)
  • Exchange (email for faculty and staff)
  • Box at IU (no-cost, unlimited cloud storage)
  • Pages (individual web pages available by request)

Research systems accounts

Students, faculty, and staff are also eligible to request access to IU's research systems and services. Available research technologies are designed to catalyze research at IU and amplify the talents of university researchers. They include:

Specialized accounts

Other available accounts include Webserve, which provides online publishing space for departments and officially recognized university organizations. Groups, departments, and organizations can also establish their own network accounts.