CAS interrupts

IU uses Central Authentication Service (CAS) interrupts to collect important information for compliance or notification.

Why was I redirected?

IU periodically requires students, faculty, and staff to update or verify information used for emergency notifications and legal documents. It achieves this through CAS interrupts.

Previously, the interrupt was triggered by logging in to OneStart (retired October 21, 2015). Going forward, logging in to any service protected by IU’s Central Authentication Service (e.g., Box, Umail, Canvas) may trigger an interrupt. 

NOTE: You cannot log in to any systems or services via this page, which exists only to provide information about CAS interrupts.

Click here for direct access to the CAS login screen. 

What is an interrupt? 

Indiana University uses interrupts to prompt students, faculty, and staff to take a specific action before entering sites or services. Starting at the end of July, IU will use the Central Authentication Service (CAS) to trigger interrupts for the following:

  • IU-Notify: Update emergency notification information
  • W-2: Consent for electronic delivery
  • Citizenship: Verify status (for students)
  • Payroll: Update home address
  • Office of Affirmative Action: Update demographic information
  • Passphrase Expiration: Update passphrase

Previously, interrupts were only triggered when logging in to OneStart, which retired on October 21. This functionality transitioned to CAS as part of the retirement process.


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