Technology for instructors

Looking for ways to enrich your classroom? IU faculty members and instructors have access to a diverse range of technologies and resources designed to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Keep Teaching provides resources and guidance for shifting from face-to-face to online instruction
  • Canvas, IU's learning management system, helps boost engagement and collaboration both in and out of the classroom
  • Next.IU explores the next generation of teaching and learning with tools that support the Canvas LMS
  • Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) provide equal access and an inclusive environment for the IU community

These services help IU instructors develop approaches that work for a variety of students.

Learning management

IU's learning management system (LMS), Canvas, is a digital environment where instructors and students can manage course materials and communication.

Canvas integrates with tools such as Kaltura and VoiceThread to provide the IU community with environments ideal for collaboration, learning, creativity, and administration.

Campus centers for teaching
and learning

The campus centers for teaching and learning provide IU faculty and instructors with consulting for pedagogical and instructional technologies.

Each teaching and learning center is a partnership between UITS Learning Technologies and relevant campus units.

Assistive Technology and
Accessibility Centers

The UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) provide specialized learning services for students with disabilities and the faculty and staff who support them. The ATAC offers a wide range of assistive media technologies, as well as comprehensive evaluations and consultations.

IU Online

IU Online makes learning possible wherever and whenever is best for you, with hundreds of online classes and more than 100 online academic programs.

Classroom Technology Services

Almost every general purpose classroom at IU Bloomington and IUPUI features permanently installed technology, such as multimedia equipment or display devices, to assist instructors with teaching and learning. All of that hardware is maintained by Classroom Technology Services—a unit that provides training, support, and solutions for classroom technologies. CTS also offers a range of mobile technology equipment for instructional use on a first-come, first-served basis.

To find out which technologies are available in different classrooms, the CTS also provides searchable databases for both campuses.

Collaboration Technologies

UITS Collaboration Technologies helps instructors educate students across the country, and collaborate with peers around the world with services such as videoconferencing, web conferencing, and streaming.