Connection services

What's your highest priority after getting on campus? We bet it's getting online. IU students, faculty, and staff can access the Internet via IU Secure, the university's encrypted Wi-Fi network.

IU also provides videoconferencing services and tools to help you connect to the university network when off campus (VPN). 

Get connected

Learn how to connect to the following services:

IU Secure

IU Secure is the university's Wi-Fi network. It delivers 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of bandwidth and is encrypted to keep you and your data safe. 

Are you a student, faculty, or staff member?
Connect via the IU Secure Setup Wizard

Are you visiting IU?
Learn how to connect as a guest

Connecting off campus

Sometimes you need to access to the IU network when off campus. Take care of that with IU's Virtual Private Network (VPN), which keeps sensitive information between you and the university secure no matter where you are. 


UniCom at IU is a unified desktop communication system that runs on Microsoft Lync and attempts to bring voice, video, and data together in the same service, capable of instant messaging, desktop sharing, file sharing, video calls, and audio calls to other UniCom users.

Anyone with an IU phone number also has access to UniCom Enterprise Voice. This extra level of service routes all calls exclusively to and from your computer or mobile device, as opposed to simply making computer-to-computer calls.


IU offers a variety of videoconferencing options, from hosting a videoconference in a meeting room to hosting one from your personal computer, depending on your needs. Only faculty, staff, and sponsored students are allowed to request Movi accounts for access to IU's video bridge, which powers all videoconferencing.