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Contracts, grants, & auxiliary

Report effort for grants, request an RPA for auxiliary accounts, or link to ORA for pre-award approval

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Research process

Review the Office of Research Administration's (ORA) proposal guidelines, as well as their submission guidelines, before developing or submitting a research proposal. This ensures proper approval from Indiana University, especially regarding payment and policy information.

ORA provides information on how to manage your research and review, record, or update financial activities, as well as access to the Grant Management Toolkit (GMT).

Funding awards must first be approved by the Finance Officer and the Vice President for Information Technology as necessary. Staff members must then report shared costs on research projects (required under federal law).

Effort reporting

IU's Effort Certification was developed in accordance with a federal policy requiring employee salaries to remain consistent with effort expended. 

Employees in UITS Research Technologies must use the Effort Reporting System to record time spent on contract and grant activities, projects, and other systems. Employees should submit their reports as soon as possible at the end of each month.


Revenue-Producing Activity (RPA)
An RPA is established when the sale of products and/or services provided by Indiana University and/or IU employees generates revenue. Units engaging in internal or external revenue-producing activities must apply to set up an RPA. The policy applies to any unit or person processing revenue through IU accounts, technology systems, or resources (external agencies and affiliates included). Other details include:

  • All new RPAs must be approved prior to accepting revenue
  • Changes or expansions to existing RPA and business practices must be reviewed and approved
  • Activities with less than $1,000 of annual revenue will not need to be reviewed

Revenue must be deposited in an approved university bank account(s) and recorded with the appropriate general ledger account(s) and object code(s).