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Hiring documentation

Everyone wants to get paid, and the Finance Office provides resources to ensure newly hired staff meet payroll enrollment deadlines. New UITS employees must complete and submit all requisite paperwork and documentation to the Finance Office no later than two weeks prior to the hire-effective date.

I-9 forms
I-9 forms are federally mandated for all new hires. To complete the I-9, employees should bring one document from list A or a combination of one document from list B and one document from list C with them on their first day of employment.

Note: International students seeking employment need to bring a valid passport, IU Work Authorization card, and the J-1 or F-1 certificate.

Temporary employees

UITS managers and supervisors are responsible for overseeing policies for temporary employees.

  • New hire forms: Temporary employees must complete an hourly application for each job. If they are not currently employed at the university, they must also complete a PED and background check.
  • Temporary action application (formerly HAA): Modify pay rates of existing employees, assign hourly status to new employees, or request other personnel changes
  • Temporary personnel reports: Review the start dates, object codes, or other information 
  • Temporary timesheet: Use this timesheet to record work hours if Kuali Time is unavailable or another eDoc issue arises

Mobile Allowance Request

Some employees may require a mobile device and service to perform job duties when away from the office. Employees in appointed positions may request a mobile device allowance that meets University policy and UITS guidelines. Approved requests will be processed as soon as possible.

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Leaves & time off

  • Paid time off (PTO): In accordance with IU policy, PTO is available to all UITS professional staff. The university offers PTO as a means to give full-time employees the opportunity to tend to personal matters or take a break from work.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Grants staff the possibility of extended time off in special circumstances such as adoption or child-birth, serious health conditions for employees and their families, or military leave. Learn more about FMLA rights.

Maximum PTO policy
UITS policy does not allow for staff to claim more than 40 hours of PTO in a single week, even if their regularly scheduled hours exceed that amount. Professional staff members may choose to work for more than 40 hours per week but are not eligible for overtime pay.

Graduate Assistant Employees- Fee Remissions, Stipends, & Health Insurance Procedures

Beginning in FY20, UITS will support six graduate assistant (GA) fee remissions per academic year.Through a cash commitment, VPIT will fund 50% of each of the six fee remissions and its associated health insurance.The hiring department would be responsible for the remaining 50% of the cost of the fee remission/health insurance. In addition, the hiring department will also be responsible for funding the full cost of the stipend. If you are interested in a graduate assistant, please contact your HR business partner.

Solicitation is done in May by UITS Human Resources for the following academic year. Priority will be given to departments who already have a graduate assistant and can fund their portion of the needed fee remission, stipend, and health insurance. HR will reach out to the AVPs of the departments with current graduate assistants to confirm for the following academic year.

During budget construction, departments will need to budget their portion by budgeting the correct amount of funding in object code 2300 for the stipend, object code 5400 for the 50% fee remission, and in object code 5610 for the 50% of the health insurance.

Departments are permitted to hire additional graduate assistants beyond the six by fully funding all aspects of the graduate student employee for the academic year. Approval for a GA is granted by UITS Human Resources and is processed by the UITS Payroll Team. Please contact or with any questions.

Rapid Rewards Gift Card Procedures

The Rapid Rewards Program provides UITS supervisors with the opportunity to recognize team members with an immediate reward. As part of this program, gift cards may be purchased for any denomination up to but not exceeding $50. Recognized employees may receive an award of one $50 gift card or less per reward instance.

Gift cards should be purchased through a requisition in Shop Catalogs from National Gift Card and following regular Accounts Payable procedures. You may not use a P-card to purchase a gift card. Gift Cards may not be purchased on recharge (66*), grant accounts (4*& 5*), or state appropriations accounts (27*). Please use Object Code 5000 for this purchase. National Gift Card options include: VISA Reward (12 month expiration), American Express, Amazon, Kroger, Starbucks, Kohl’s, Target, and Wal-Mart, among others. Please assign a Designated Contact within the Explanation field of the requisition. The Designated Contact will be fully responsible for the proper management of the gift cards and reporting requirements. 

Please note: The Visa Reward Card has a 12 month expiration date, while other card option do not expire. Expiration terms are listed within Shop Catalogs.

The unit ordering and distributing the gift cards must track distribution activity via the UITS Rapid Rewards Issuance Log, which will be sent via e-mail to the Designated Contact by the Finance Office upon approval of the requisition containing the gift card order. It is the responsibility of the Designated Contact to ensure that the yellow highlighted section of the Issuance Log is completed upon the award of each gift card. Additionally, the updated log must be submitted via e-mail to the UITS Payroll team ( monthly by the 10th of the following month.

The proper security, handling, and reporting related to the Rapid Rewards program is the responsibility of the Designated Contact. As there are IU Policy, cash handling, and tax implications involved, this is a significant responsibility and must be managed as such. All gift cards should be kept in a locked and secure location until ready to be presented to the recipient(s). Issuance of a card must be logged and reported to the UITS Finance Office at the instructed intervals to allow for proper tax reporting and to meet audit requirements. Inability to manage the program effectively will result in suspension or termination of the program for the unit involved.

The UITS Payroll Department will keep a record of the gift cards in the Finance Office, as well as submit these lists to the University Tax Department and the UITS HR Team on a monthly basis within the corresponding Tax year. These gift cards will be included as income on the employee’s W-2 from the University.

For questions, please contact the UITS Payroll team at or the UITS Accounts Payable team at

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