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Processes to make or request purchases through the university

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Make a purchase - BUY.IU and more

As of July 1, 2019, university employees have the ability to make purchases using two methods:

  • BUY.IU 
  • Procurement cards (PCards)

Please see the IU Purchasing BUY.IU webpage for specific directions and training opportunities related to BUY.IU. 

Questions and issues encountered while using BUY.IU should be submitted through the BUY.IU Support Form.

Please note: Sub-Acct approval routing is not an option in BUY.IU. BUY.IU requisitions submitted route directly to the UITS Finance Office for approval. Once approved, these orders will then route to IU Purchasing for creation of the PO.

UITS Sub-Acct Managers are strongly encouraged to create their own personalized dashboard in BUY.IU. This will allow them to quickly see and review purchasing and payment activity occurring on their sub-accounts. Please follow the step by step procedure within the BUY.IU Personalized Dashboard Setup Instructions to set up your personalized BUY.IU dashboard.

The additional approval requirements below will remain in effect with the use of BUY.IU:

Requisitions initiated totaling $25,000 to $99,999 require the review and approval of the corresponding UITS Associate Vice President (AVP). If this approval is not indicated within the document notes or routing, a Finance Office team member will contact the AVP to request their review and approval.

Requisitions initiated totaling $100,000 and above require a UITS VP/Div Leads Proposal documenting the details of the expenditure. Please work with the relevant AVP to complete and submit a proposal for UITS VP/Div Leads review and approval.

Please contact the UITS Accounts Payable team with specific UITS related questions about BUY.IU. 

Receiving in BUY.IU

Creation of a Quantity or Cost Receipt document is required in BUY.IU when the following criteria apply:

  • When an item is received as all or part of a BUY.IU purchase order which has a total PO amount >=$5,000, a BUY.IU Quantity or Cost Receipt is required.Please note: A BUY.IU Quantity Reciept is required, with the exception of Capital Assets. Capital assets require the completion of a Cost Receipt in BUY.IU.
  • When the related PO is designated as a Recurring Order, invoices >=$5,000 require completion of a BUY.IU Cost Receipt. 

When the proper BUY.IU receipt document has not been created, an invoice requiring receiving in order to be paid will then route to the BUY.IU fiscal approval workflow stop for review and approval. This could delay timely payment to the supplier.

See this link for a PDF document detailing the invoicing and receipt processes within BUY.IU.

PCard policy

IU Purchasing maintains established contracts with many vendors for discounted goods and services. The contracts and consolidation allow IU to negotiate agreements, greater discounts, better service, and additional guarantees.

  • If there isn't an established agreement, faculty and staff may use PCards or request reimbursements for goods, but must follow IU PCard policies and UITS P-card procedures linked below.
  • PCard Restriced Items list. In addtioin to the the items on this list, all items unallowable per IU policy are restricted from purchase.
  • The Finance Office audits all transactions for non-compliance.

        Visit UITS PCard procedures for additional PCard information.         

Request for Funding

All proposals for new or additional funding must include the following information:

  • Problem statement
  • Recommendation of actions
  • Policy development or modification
  • Implementation planning, timelines, and details
    • Hardware (e.g., dedicated hardware, use of Intelligent Infrastructure)
    • Operating system
    • Middleware
    • Application layers and the unit(s) responsible for installation, management, and tier level support
  • Funding needs and sources
  • Enterprise standards
  • Author and unit name

Directions for routing and approval are included in the proposal form. 

Note: Purchase requests for distribution to vendors requires approval by the submitter's manager, director, and the UITS Finance Office.

Hospitality expenses

Hospitality expenses are those incurred to provide meals, refreshments, entertainment, or for other promotional purposes. Examples of allowable hospitality expenses include, meals and refreshments served during business meetings, receptions, and other university functions. Please note, hospitality expenses are only allowable at IU events with a bona fide business purpose. All UITS hospitality requests should include an explanation of this business purpose. Please see this link for detailed information regarding allowable hospitality expenses.