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Processes to make or request purchases through the university

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Make a purchase

University employees can purchase items using four different methods:

  • Shop catalogs
  • Creating a requisition
  • Procurement cards (p-cards)
  • Disbursement vouchers

The Purchase-to-Pay flowchart provides more information about how the UITS purchasing process works.

To learn more, review the Office of Procurement Service's training guides.

P-card policy

IU Purchasing maintains established contracts with many vendors for discount goods and services. The contracts and consolidation allow IU to negotiate agreements, greater discounts, better service, and additional guarantees.

  • If isn't an established agreement, faculty and staff should use P-cards or request reimbursements for goods (but only in those cases)
  • The Finance Office audits all transactions for non-compliance

For more information, see the UITS P-card procedures, effective February 1, 2017.

Request for Funding

All proposals for new or additional funding must include the following information:

  • Problem statement
  • Recommendation of actions
  • Policy development or modification
  • Implementation planning, timelines, and details
    • Hardware (e.g., dedicated hardware, use of Intelligent Infrastructure)
    • Operating system
    • Middleware
    • Application layers and the unit(s) responsible for installation, management, and tier level support
  • Funding needs and sources
  • Enterprise standards
  • Author and unit name

Directions for routing and approval are included in the proposal form. 

Note: Purchase requests for distribution to vendors requires approval by the submitter's manager, director, and the UITS Finance Office.

Hospitality expenses

Hospitality expenses are those incurred to provide meals, refreshments, entertainment, or for other promotional purposes.