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Making travel requests and arrangements through the university

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Chrome River Expense System 

Chrome River helps faculty and staff process travel, non-travel related employee out-of-pocket reimbursements, and PCard reconciliations. This expense management system allows travelers and/or arrangers to make the following requests:

  • Prepayments
  • In-state reimbursements
  • Out-of-state reimbursements
  • Employee out-of-pocket reimbursements
  • Non-employee reimbursments
  • PCard reconciliations

Access to Chrome River is available at

Chrome River should be used for all employee and non-employee travel reimbursements. Visit the IU Travel Mangement Services homepage for detailed information on Chrome River Travel.

Travel & out-of-pocket reimbursement

IU employees
Travel reimbursements must be submitted in Chrome River. Please see the IU Travel Management Services homepage for details regarding Chrome River Travel. Please see the UITS Chrome River Travel Procedures for additional information.

Employee out-of-pocket reimbursements must be submitted in Chrome River. Please see the IU Purchasing - Reimbursement page for details regarding employee out-of-pocket reimbursements.

  • Out of Pocket reimbursements are only allowable when IU standard procurement processes utilizing BUY.IU or a PCard are unsuitable. These situations should be extremely infrequent.
  • Out of Pocket reimbursements must comply with Accountable Plan rules and requirements, per IU policy.
  • Items restricted from PCard purchase (Restricted Items List) and all additional items restricted from purchase per IU policy are also unallowable for out of pocket reimbursement.

Chrome River expense reports should be submitted within 30 days following the related travel or date of out-of-pocket expense. Expense reports submitted after 120-364 days have passed will require written justification explaining the late submission and reimbursement will likely incur income tax witholdings. Requests submitted after 365 days have passed will not be reimbursed.

Non-IU employees
Please see the Non-Employee/Non-Student Travel reimbursement processing video tutorial for Chrome River.

The following are required to complete a reimbursement in Chrome River for a traveler not employed by Indiana University:

  • Expense receipts - hard copy or electronic
  • Business purpose
  • Dates and times of travel
  • Address for reimbursement to be mailed
  • Meals provided by outside source (for per diem purposes)

When booking non-employee reservations in Egencia, the travel arranger will use their IU ID number to identify the reservation. The non-employee reservation will then be tied to the travel arranger's IU ID and Chrome River account.