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Making travel requests and arrangements through the university

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Kuali Travel Expense Module (TEM)

Kuali TEM helps faculty and staff make travel arrangements. The program allows travelers and/or arrangers to make the following requests:

  • Travel authorizations
  • Prepayments
  • In-state reimbursements
  • Out-of-state reimbursements
  • Supplements for additional expenses

TEM should be used for all employee travel requests.

Non-employee travel

Do you need to make travel accommodations for a non-IU employee? The first step is submitting a non-IU employee travel request. Once the requesting IU employee receives approval via email, he or she can begin making travel arrangements. Use the non-employee travel checklist to ensure all requirements are met. 

For more, see Travel Management Service's non-IU employee travel guide.

Travel reimbursement

IU employees

Travel reimbursement requests have a 60-day submission deadline and should be submitted as soon as possible. A one-time courtesy for late submissions may be granted with a written appeal. Requests made past the 120-day deadline will not be reimbursed.

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Non-IU employees

The following are required to complete a disbursement voucher for a traveler not employed by Indiana University:

  • All original receipts
  • W-9 form
 or W8BEN form
 (for US citizens)
  • Copy of I-94 and tax cover sheet (for non-resident aliens)
  • Payee certification
  • Name of employer
  • Service performed
  • Dates and times of travel
  • Meals provided by outside source (for per diem purposes)
  • Address for reimbursement to be mailed