UITS Human Resources

Career development

UITS provides resources to help employees maximize their career potential and engage in the lifelong process of managing work experiences.

UITS feedback process

The UITS feedback process is conducted in conjunction with the career management plan (CMP). It collects feedback from colleagues and customers about:

  • Key behaviors and competencies for appointed staff participants
  • Leadership competencies for managers

Feedback participants gain insight into how their knowledge, skills, and abilities are perceived by colleagues, which can yield valuable professional development references that may be used in the CMP planning process.

The feedback processes occur between January and March. Finalized CMPs are in April.

January 16–19

  1. Email will be sent to all appointed staff about process.
  2. If applicable, managers send internal shift supervisory structure diagrams to UITS HR, including staff member, primary (immediate) supervisor, and secondary supervisor (team manager).
  3. Employees compile a list of names and email addresses of ten peers, vendors, or clients they have worked or partnered with during the past year.

January 22–February 9

  1. Employees visit the Feedback Dashboard to input the contact information.
  2. Upon submission, the contact list is sent to the primary supervisor (shown at the top of the contact table) for review and approval.
  3. Employees receive email notification of contact approval or any disapprovals that require correction.

For help entering your contacts, please see the Feedback contact entry instructions.

February 12

  1. A random selection of approved contacts will receive a feedback solicitation email.
  2. Additional mailings will be sent once a week thereafter to ensure all contacts submitted and approved through February 28 receive invitations to provide feedback.

February 12–March 9

  1. Employee feedback: Selected contacts will receive a feedback solicitation email request to answer 15 questions. There is also a text box for comments.
  2. Supervisor/manager feedback: For teams of three or more appointed staff, employees receive a feedback solicitation email to provide managerial feedback. There are 23 questions with a text box for comments. The feedback system allows employees to submit feedback for up to two supervisors if applicable.

Feedback is collected anonymously for both the manager and employee feedback surveys. Responders' names are not included in results.

Results are available online within the Feedback Dashboard. Supervisors are able to view employee feedback scores/comments for each member of their team in addition to their own employee and managerial feedback.

Career management plan

Staff members can benefit from regular feedback and input regarding job performance. The UITS Career Management Plan (CMP) offers a structured format for these conversations and documentation and includes opportunities to discuss career direction and goals.