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Employee relations

Employee Relations promotes productive working relationships between supervisors and employees and and assists employees with leaves, accommodations, and other workplace and policy issues.

Employee Engagement - My Voice@IU

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IU and VPIT are committed to measuring and improving employee engagement.  As managers or individual contributors we all play a part in identifying and implementing actions that make our workplace better and lead to greater engagement for everyone.

Learn about our My Voice@IU results by watching the recorded Staff Engagement Survey Recap and reviewing the survey results available in the slidedeck.  Then think about YOUR engagement, share your ideas with your team, and take action!

Engagement resources:

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Under the federal FMLA, employees may take an extended leave of absence from work for a number of qualifying reasons, including:

  • Serious health condition for immediate family
  • Serious personal health condition
  • Birth of a new child
  • Adoption or foster care
  • Military leave 

Employees should request FMLA leave as soon as they're aware of their need by filling out and submitting the leave request form to UITS Human Resources or faxing it to (812) 855-0349. Additional forms or certification from a health provider may be requested. Eligibility and potential return dates will then be determined before employees are granted leave.

University HR provides a full list of FMLA procedure guidelines for your information.

Corrective action

As a supervisor, you may be required to correct issues with employees at times. University HR provides a corrective action document that offers relevant information for making and implementing sound decisions regarding performance improvement and progressive discipline. UITS Human Resources should be consulted on any formal progressive discipline process.

After-hours employment

UITS employees may undertake after-hours work within or outside the university provided certain criteria are met. If you are interested in accepting an additional work engagement, please consult with your manager and reference the UITS Handbook to ensure you understand your responsibilities.

Ending employment

The status of ending employment includes retirements, resignations, and terminations. Protocol must be followed whenever employees end their tenure, and both employees and managers have responsibilities to complete. 

Termination checklists

  • Employees or users ending employment (voluntarily or otherwise)
  • Supervisors or managers terminating a staff member or whose staff member is ending employment voluntarily
  • Human Resources (in the case of any departing employee)
  • Termination requirements include:
    • Removing employee's server storage account (EITS)
    • Canceling long-distance phone ID, cards, and all other phone systems (VPITPHON)
    • Canceling campus mailbox
    • Notifying WCCOPS (machine room) about system ownership details
    • Revoking building access (UITSFAC)
  • Schedule exit interview if necessary