UITS Human Resources

Recruiting & hiring

UITS has an established, multi-step recruiting and hiring process designed to discover the best candidates for positions.

Applicants: There are no set timeframes for hiring processes, but UITS will keep you apprised of your application status.

Application process

  • Resume submission

    Tips: Include relevant work history and qualifications; ensure contact information is up-to-date; and double-check for content and format errors.

  • Interviews

    Tips: Have a phone interview? Find a quiet, secure location and use a landline or fully charged cell phone. For in-person interviews, arrive early and ask questions.

  • Hiring

    UITS HR will contact you after the interview process. If offered the job, congratulations! You will then need to complete work authorization forms and pass a background check. 

To review more best practices for application submission and interviewing, download all hiring and recruiting tips.

Recruiting appointed employees

The hiring manager must first obtain permission to recruit.

Postings prior to August 19, 2019, will continue to be managed within HIREworks and PeopleAdmin. 

All postings after August 19, 2019, will be entered and managed in Peoplesoft Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM). 

  • Pending hiring manager’s entry of the posting text within TAM, once approvals routing to UTIS Finance Office and UITS HR BP have been approved, posts will become live in the Candidate Gateway.
  • Hiring managers can request announcements on external job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and HigherEdJobs.com.
    • External job board costs will be charged back to the unit’s account. No-cost options are also available.

Proactive recruiting tools, such as resume mining through LinkedIn and targeted advertising through groups and professional affiliations, are available for hiring managers.

Contact the UITS HR Recruiting Coordinator to learn more about finding the right candidate for your open position, creating a candidate pipeline for future hires, or using LinkedIn to mine for resumés. You can also watch the webinar "Using LinkedIn to Hire" to learn about these tools.

University hiring policies are written in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title IX.

Hiring managers and committees must be aware of and abide by IU's guidelines and policy requirements throughout the recruiting and selection process.

All applications prior to August 19, 2019, are managed in PeopleAdmin.

All application post August 19, are managed in TAM. 

Hiring Manager and Screening Team should be designated in TAM prior to posting. These are able to be modified by the Hiring Manager at any time. 

  • Search committee members:  Access to view all applicant materials.  Learn how to access applications using the PeopleAdmin committee guide or video.
  • Applicant reviewers (Lead): Access to view all applicant materials and manage the applicants' status through workflow.  Learn how to access applications and manage the applicant workflow using the PeopleAdmin reviewer guide or video.

Hiring managers and committees screen all applicants.

  • Applications are not pre-screened by UHRS Employment or UITS Human Resources. Hiring managers must ensure final candidates meet the minimum requirements as posted.
  • Hiring manager and/or hiring committee screen applicants and disposition accordingly in TAM.
    • Hiring managers should check the applicant list regularly as new applications do not create notifications.

For additional hiring information, review IU's campus-specific procedures.

Making a final selection takes several steps.

  • Hiring manager and/or search committee compose interview questions using these guidelines:
  • Hiring manager and/or committee schedule and conduct interviews.
  • After completing the final interviews, hiring manager and/or committee will make a final selection.
  • Hiring manager initiates the Hiring Appointed Employee process noted below.

Hiring appointed employees

Use HIREworks to manage the hire request and offer letter for positions posted prior to August 19.

  • Hiring manager submits a request to hire using "Make an Offer" action button in HIREworks.
    • If candidate is a current IU employee, use the "Notes" section to justify any salary increase request.
  • Finance Office approves funding.
  • UHRS/UBO approve hire and salary recommendation as required.
  • The UITS Recruiting Coordinator uploads the offer letter to HIREworks.
  • Hiring manager extends the offer letter to candidate for acceptance and signature.
  • Hiring manager uploads the signed offer letter to HIREworks.

New employees must be authorized to work in the United States.

  • UITS Recruiting Coordinator contacts the candidate with information to complete the e-Verify/I-9 process, as well as two Personal Profile Forms:(PSA) and (ED).
  • New employees must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 on or before the first day of employment.
  • Recruiting coordinator initiates background and reference check.  

You've made it!

Supervisors, Managers and UITS HR will assist new employees with the final steps of becoming an IU employee, including:

  • Set up IU username
  • Complete payroll paperwork
  • Discuss benefits
  • Issue UITS ID badge
  • Help new employees adjust and feel welcome

View all onboarding steps

Hiring temporary employees

Advertising for temporary positions
You may advertise a temporary position in PeopleAdmin by contacting the UITS Recruiting Coordinator. Please note that advertising or posting for temporary positions is not required.

Hiring process
Hiring managers can initiate a temporary employee hiring request by submitting a request through the Temporary action application. UITS Payroll will email the hiring manager with forms for the candidate to complete prior to being hired, including:

Completed forms must be delivered to UITS Payroll (CIB 107) or sent by secure fax to (317) 278-1994.  For appointed staff completed forms, please send to UITSHR secure fax (812) 855-0349.

Background checks and other required approvals must be completed prior to the employee's start date. UITS Payroll will notify the hiring manager when required approvals are received and to confirm the new temporary employee’s start date. Additional information regarding the employee’s I-9 e-verify, university ID, and network username will also be sent at this time.

Position Description Library

Click on each position to download an editable template. Additional templates are being constructed and will be available soon.

UITS TAM Offer Letters

For external offer letters click here.

For internal offer letters click here.

 *For candidates requiring sponsorship, please contact uitshr @iu.edu