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Digital Gardener Initiative

The Digital Gardener Initiative brings together members of the IU community working together to support students through digital literacy programs.
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The Digital Gardener Initiative

The Digital Gardener Initiative is a faculty-driven commitment to connect members of the IU community working in digital literacy. The initiative aims to share best practices and grow successful programs across the university to prepare students for an increasingly digital world.

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Digital Literacy at IU

Across the university, several programs are emphasizing elements of advancing digital literacy.
  • Canvas course created by IU Bloomington Libraries to help students improve critical thinking skills
  • Resources for building basic tech skills relating to personal interests and capabilities, offered by IU’s Center of Excellence for Women & Technology
  • IUPUI’s thinker space, where students create, explore, and collaborate using emerging technologies
  • An IU Expand course teaching skills for navigating the post-truth era, created by IU Kokomo faculty
  • Annual celebration of digital storytelling and podcasting, created by IU Kokomo faculty and open for submissions from the entire IU community.

Pilot Programs

Members of the initiative are also working to create more programs to educate faculty and support students.

Digital Gardener Faculty Fellowship

A program funded by an Adobe faculty development grant to use and incorporate digital ways of knowing, doing, and making into curriculum. Submit an application by May 5, 2023. Acceptances will be sent out by May 15, 2023.

Idea Garden Digital Gardener program

A pilot badging program at IUPUI to encourage digital literacy for students through experimentation with emerging technologies

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Past Events

Digital Gardener Summit

The Fall 2022 summit brought together individuals at IU interested in digital literacy
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