IU Secure

IU Secure is the university's wireless network for all students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. It uses WPA2 Enterprise (Wi-Fi Protected Access) for authentication and encryption.

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The University Information Security Office recommends that students using Windows or Mac OS X download Secunia Personal Software Inspector, a program that scans users' existing software for vulnerabilities and available updates.

Why IU Secure?

IU Secure is the most complete way to get online at IU. Not only does it offer speeds of 20 Gigabits per second of bandwidth, it's also encrypted, which helps keep your data safe. 

Additionally, IU Secure provides remote access to every printer and release station on campus for your convenience.

Connection issues?

Can't make or maintain a connection to IU Secure? Report it via the Wireless Connectivity Form or contact the UITS Support Center.

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