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Welcome to the website for IU Women in Information Technology (IUWIT), an affiliate of the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT). We are a staff-led organization dedicated to the professional development of women in IT. We’re glad you’re here! 


Indiana University Women in Information Technology desires to become a recognized and respected professional association for female staff and faculty working in information technology across all IU campuses. IU Women in IT seeks to provide professional networking opportunities; an open forum to raise issues and concerns impacting women in IT careers; advocacy and encouragement; and pathways to professional development. Our goal is to further the IT profession and grow opportunities for women, while paying-it-forward with service and mentoring.


Indiana University Women in Information Technology was founded in summer of 2012 and was the brainchild of Megan May, a University Information Technology Services (UITS) staff member. It has hosted numerous professional development and networking events since its founding. Although founded as a staff organization for women, IUWIT welcomes students, faculty, and all genders at its events.

Who can join?

IUWIT operates on a “big tent” model. It is an open membership organization with no dues or fees. Anyone who wishes to be involved with IUWIT’s activities can sign up by joining the listserv.  It is open to all Indiana University campuses, and encourages staff, faculty and students to engage with the group. We are affiliated with CEWiT (Center of Excellence for Women in Technology), and current CEWiT members are certainly invited to join IUWIT.

What do you do?

Each academic year, IUWIT offers a book discussion group, networking opportunities, mentoring, and a professional development event. In addition, the organization runs social media sites to help connect women in the IT field. Events that are physically held at one campus will be livestreamed to all other campuses, with IUWIT coordinators hosting each livestream room.

How is it structured?

The governing structure of IUWIT is a steering committee of UITS staff members. The steering committee meets regularly via videoconference to plan events.

Upcoming Events

How to negotiate: A primer

Our next workshop, How to negotiate: A primer, led by Professor Lisa Blomgren Amsler of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs-Bloomington, has been rescheduled - here is the new information:

The new date and time for the workshop is Friday, Nov. 3 from 2-4 pm Eastern.


IU Bloomington: CIB Wrubel Commons
IUPUI: IT-203 and UC 104
IUN: Hawthorn Hall 105
IUK: Havens Room in the Main Building
IUE: Hayes Hall 171A
IUS: Knobview 014-E

You do not need to register again to attend. If you have a conflict and need to cancel your registration, please send a message to iuwit@iu.edu.

This event is cosponsored by IUWIT and the IT Leadership Community.

If you are attending Statewide IT in Bloomington this week, Prof. Amsler will also be giving a breakout session on Negotiation in the Digital Space on Thursday, Oct. 19.

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