Focus on extending the capabilities of technology in the digital classroom.

The process


Determine open-source and vendor-provided products for piloting


Engage faculty about pilot participation; work with them to conduct pilots and assess outcomes


Determine software options based on faculty and student feedback


Make selections based on evaluation reports and input from learning technology strategy teams

Learning analytics

As part of our membership in the Unizin Consortium, IU is providing feedback on tools to investigate student engagement and performance. The Unizin Data Warehouse should be used by instructors who have experience querying large databases and building their own visualizations and reports.

Unizin Data Warehouse

The Unizin Data Warehouse provides faculty with direct access to the Canvas data for their courses. A requested data set may include assignments, discussions, enrollments, groups, quizzes, wiki pages, and logins. For a complete list of available items, visit the Canvas data dictionary online at

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Embedded assessment

Quick Check

Quick Check is a flexible quizzing tool developed at Indiana University to help instructors integrate low stakes questions more seamlessly with course content. Quick Check integrates with Canvas and passes grades to the Canvas Gradebook. Question types include multiple choice, matching, multiple dropdowns, text match, and number match.

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Student feedback


DropThought provides an instant feedback platform that allows students to reflect on their learning and give real-time, anonymous feedback. Instructors can insert the DropThought widget into their courses and then gather, respond to, and analyze student feedback. Students have the opportunity to give feedback throughout the course and on specific items instead of waiting for end-of-course, generalized evaluations. DropThought can also facilitate anonymous conversations between instructor and student.

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Proctoring tools

Proctoring services allow students to take assessments at any time using their own computer while monitoring and recording their webcams, physical environments, and desktops. These services provide secure authentication to help ensure assessment integrity.

IU is investigating proctoring services in support of fully online courses. The university will cover any associated costs for all assessments.


Examity uses live proctors housed in a supervised proctoring center. The proctors assist students with getting their computers set up for the testing session and then monitor both the student (via webcam) and the student’s computer while the student is taking the test. Faculty members receive a report indicating which students had questionable or illegal behavior during the test. They can then review the videos to decide what action they may need to take. Examity offers several levels of proctoring, including simple authentication, record and review, and full live proctoring.

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ProctorU uses live proctors in supervised proctoring centers in the US. These proctors help students set up their computers for the testing session and then monitor the student (via webcam) and the student's computer during the test. Faculty members receive an easy-to-read report indicating any questionable behavior during the test. They can then review proctor transcripts and videos and decide what action they may need to take.

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Collaborative knowledge building


InScribe is a Canvas-integrated, question and answer, learning platform populated through collaborative sharing and community-based contributions. Instructors can create contextualized knowledge banks to facilitate student learning within a specific course, multiple sections of a course, or across a larger community. Students use InScribe by asking and responding to questions from classmates and community members. Instructors can create pre-populated answers to frequently-asked questions, create articles in a knowledge bank, and upgrade student questions and responses to knowledge bank articles. 

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Ongoing evaluations

Competency-based education tools (CBE)

CBE tools such as Badgesafe, Credly, and Passport will be made available to facilitate the delivery of micro-credentialing. These tools will aid the effort to streamline and facilitate non-credit-based offerings.

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IU Online Virtual PC (vPC)

IU Online vPC leverages a robust Citrix cloud storage environment to provide a customized virtual desktop for online students. It allows students to use performance data applications such as R Studio, ArcGIS, Stata, and SPSS. IU Online vPC pairs the latest Citrix XenDesktop environment with performance-tuned, high-speed data servers within IU’s state-of-the-art data center.

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