About the EDM Team

Meet IU's OnBase Experts

The Enterprise Document Management (EDM) Team

We're IU's core of expertise on OnBase

  • We have nearly two decades of combined OnBase experience
  • Every EDM team member continually updates their training with OnBase's vendor, Hyland

We're IU's primary point of contact with Hyland

  • We work with Hyland on fixes, enhancements and other suggestions for OnBase
  • Every EDM team member has access to Hyland support for technical issues

We're IU's place for custom OnBase set-up and support

  • We work with clients on an individual basis, face-to-face
  • Each EDM team member analyzes their client's unique document management needs
  • Every EDM team member is capable of configuring OnBase for their client from first meet to rollout, and beyond

We're also experts in improving business processes, generally

  • Every EDM team member is a Business Analyst
  • We evaluate clients' current business practices 
  • We collaborate with clients to make these processes more efficient and effective