UITS Project Timelines

Cyberinfrastructure building lobby

July 2020

Wireless onboarding (facilitating EAP-TLS authentication) / eduroam

  • ready for release and posted on IUware
  • communicated to UITS staff (for those who are on campus)
  • begin work (through August) with Leveraged Services on feasibility of rollout via SCCM/JAMF

August 2020

Wireless onboarding / eduroam

  • communicated to IT Pros

Box migration

  • migrate Box Health to Microsoft at IU Secure Storage

September 2020

Wireless onboarding / eduroam

  • IU Guest updated to provide an additional option to use onboarding for faculty/staff/students; guest access will remain the same
  • Work with IT Pros (through December 2020) to convert faculty/staff

Box migration

  • Begin migration of IU group accounts, Box Entrusted, and Box Organizational UITS

October 2020

Wireless onboarding / eduroam

  • Begin communication campaign to have students use onboarding for EAP-TLS auth

December 2020

Exchange Online

  • All user accounts moved to Exchange Online, along with new account creation

February 2021

Wireless onboarding / eduroam

  • Retire IU Secure

March 2021

Box migration

  • All files not yet migrated will go read-only
  • Users will have the opportunity to create non-enterprise accounts

May 2021

Wireless onboarding / eduroam

  • Require EAP-TLS auth for wireless access (disabling EAP-PEAP)

Box migration

  • IU Box will be disabled for all users