UITS Restart

The UITS Restart Task Force wishes to commend and thank all UITS staff for the professionalism, flexibility, and resilience they have shown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our UITS staff, and the entire IU community, is our top priority.

For this reason, many UITS staff will keep working from home until further notice.

Return-to-campus guide for UITS staff

The Task Force has developed this guide for UITS managers and supervisors to supplement instructions and information provided by Indiana University on the Fall 2020 website and in the Return-to-Campus guide.

ALL employees now need to complete the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement immediately, regardless of when they plan to return to working on campus, and even if they do not have a return date planned.

Staff should always consult with and follow the instructions given by their supervisor.

This guide applies to all campuses, and staff should refer to their local campus guidelines for additional instructions.

Determining when staff should return to on-campus work

IU will be allowing a return to on-site work beginning July 1, 2020, for some staff on an as-needed basis only. Staff should return to work only when instructed to do so by their supervisor.

UITS staff who can work effectively from home should continue to do so until further notice.

Valid reasons for returning to work on campus include:

  • Inability to complete essential or primary job functions remotely
  • Inability to work effectively in your home environment due to lack of reliable internet or other required utilities
  • Inability to work effectively in your home environment due to exceptional non-conducive circumstances

On-campus work may be required on a full-time/regular basis, or incidentally.

Requesting full-time/regular, on-campus work

Please note: Staff already working on campus do not need to follow this process. However, they are required to complete the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement if they have not already done so.

  1. Supervisors or staff members should first complete the UITS On-Campus Work Request Form to obtain necessary approvals. This form will be routed to the UITS Human Resources Office and then to the employee’s division director for approval. Names of approved staff members will then be shared with the UITS Facilities Management team.
  2. Supervisors will receive a message from UITS HR granting approval, or explaining why approval was denied. This message will include instructions on when the staff member may return to work, where they should sit, and any other important instructions. Supervisors should then share this information with the employee and discuss specific plans for returning to on-campus work. Note: Many staff returning to campus will be able to sit in the same desk or office they occupied before the work-from-home order. However, university social-distancing requirements may require some staff to be relocated to other desks or offices.
  3. Once approval has been granted, the staff member must complete the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement prior to their first day of on-site work.

Requesting incidental return to on-campus work, or picking up items from UITS buildings

  1. All staff requiring incidental campus access must complete the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement prior to coming to campus or entering UITS facilities.
  2. If coming to campus only to pick up items, staff must also email UITS Facilities (uitsfaci@indiana.edu) or EITS (eits@iu.edu) before coming to campus.

What to expect when returning to on-campus work

To comply with IU COVID-19 policy, UITS employees working on campus will be required to do the following:

  • Take their temperature daily and complete the health check required by the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement. If staff members have a fever or any coronavirus symptoms they must stay home and follow IU Medical Guidance.
  • Wear a cloth face covering over mouth and nose at all times unless working in a fully enclosed office or focus booth.
  • Bring their Crimson Card every day. No temporary Crimson Cards will be provided. If a staff member forgets their Crimson Card, they must return home to retrieve it.
  • Use provided cleaning and sanitizing supplies to properly disinfect their own workspace and any other furniture or workspaces they use or contact.
  • Maintain proper social distance of at least six feet at all times.

Conference rooms will be open and available for use alone or to meet face-to-face with others when deemed necessary. All requirements for distancing, face coverings, and cleaning must be followed.